Enhancing Customer Loyalty for a Leading Lifestyle Brand – A Customer Analytics Case Study

Oct 17, 2018

Top Five Customer Retention Strategies to Boost Sales

Customer retention refers to a business’s capability to attract customers and enhance customer loyalty. It not only helps you to understand your customer’s experience but leverages their interest in making repeat purchases. This makes it essential to leverage customer retention strategies to gauges the health of your customer relationships.

Here are the top five customer retention strategies to boost sales and drive business growth:

Personalization Is the Key to Success: The advancements in technology have made personalization more accessible to retailers across industries. Several POS systems are programmed to track customers’ purchase history and sync them with a loyalty program that best suits them.

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Create an Online Community: Developing a community around your brand helps to nurture authentic relationships and drives customer loyalty.

Implement Customer Loyalty Programs: One way to know your customers better and drive customer retention is to offer relevant value through a customer loyalty program. This also provides in-depth insights into your customer purchase patterns.

Be Proactive and Offer Advanced Customer Support Services: Employees are an integral part of your customer retention initiatives as they act as the human extension of your brand. This makes it essential to build stronger relationships with them.

Nurture Relationships Through Post-Purchase Communications: Strong customer relationships drive brand loyalty thereby making customers make repeat purchases. This very fact necessitates the need to treat customers better rather than considering them as sales leads.

Client Profile

The client is a leading lifestyle brand with its operating based out of the US.

Project Background and Solution Offered

To maintain a competitive advantage in an environment where customers expect round-the-clock access to the best services both online and offline, the lifestyle brand wanted to revamp their strategies. The clients’ aim was to enhance the customer’s experience through smarter and personalized services while reducing customer churn. To address this challenge and increase customer retention rates the lifestyle brand wanted to collaborate with a well-known analytics firm such as ours, in order to bring together industry insights, technology, and advanced analytic insights to improve increase customer retention.

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Value Delivered to the Client

Quantzig’s customer analytics experts appended customer data obtained from several real-time data sources to identify and target high potential customer groups. With the help of the collected data, an effort was made to analyze and ascertain customer views and preferences for the lifestyle brand. Moreover, our customer analytics experts offered turn-key solutions to help the premium lifestyle brand develop targeted customer retention strategies, thereby helping them win customers repeatedly with every interaction.

The key focus areas of our solutions were:

  • Analyzing ways to improve customer retention
  • Reducing customer churn

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