Customer Segmentation Helped a Healthcare Industry Player Achieve a Superior Competitive Advantage

Oct 3, 2017

Customer Segmentation for Healthcare Companies 

Over the years, the players in the healthcare industry have started adopting a more patient-centric approach to target profitable customers and maintain long-term relationships. Moreover, the healthcare industry players have started adopting effective customer segmentation strategies to assess the growth potential of new market segments, key players, and drive higher sales. Customer segmentation also helps companies in the healthcare industry space gain an understanding of the needs of the customers, buying processes, and preferences to devise an effective brand strategy.

With years of expertise in offering solutions, Quantzig’s team of customer segmentation experts help clients optimize the sales force resource and marketing mix levels to allocate resources and ensure better ROI. Quantzig’s customer segmentation assists players in the healthcare industry to identify the new market potential and prioritize customers to improve customer retention. Moreover, these customer segmentation solutions help clients devise a superior value-based approach to improve customer service, enhance customer lifetime value, and maintain long-term customer satisfaction.

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The Business Challenge

A global healthcare industry player with offices spread across various geographies was facing predicaments in identifying the most approachable and valuable customers in the healthcare industry. As a result, the client wanted to leverage superior customer segmentation strategies to gain a deeper understanding of their clients, buying preferences, and value perceptions. This would help the client gain a superior competitive advantage over their competitors and accordingly tailor customer offerings.

Solution Benefits

The comprehensive analysis of the obtained information helped the healthcare industry client to segment customers into smaller groups and gain an in-depth understanding of their behavior patterns. The client was also able to identify the buying behavior and discover the unmet need of the customers. Customer segmentation further helped the client devise better pricing strategies and marketing campaigns to reach out to the ideal target audience.

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Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

  • Devise effective customer-focused marketing strategy for products
  • Assess customer needs and preferences
  • Develop a superior competitive advantage
  • Effectively allocate resources to maximize growth

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