Data Management and Reporting Helps a Retail Chain Streamline Processes

Jul 25, 2017

In every organization, collecting and organizing data plays a pivotal role in better understanding the customers and business processes. Consequently, managing and reporting data effectively helps the organization to boost productivity, reduce expenditure, and gain a competitive advantage. To streamline operations, retailers should emphasize on improving the shopping experience to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, to gain customer insights, retailers are leveraging the use of customer data management to enrich customer analytics and operations to deliver consistent and personalized shopping experiences.

Quantzig’s data management and reporting solution helps the client improve shopping experience, sales, and customer satisfaction. In addition, the data management solution helps in decreasing operational costs by eliminating the time spent on manually searching for customer data.

The Business Challenge

A global retail chain was facing challenges in terms of data management to capture their weekly circular information. With a broad customer base and large category of products, the client was facing challenges in analyzing their data and comparing it with their competitors. Also, the client wanted to generate a report for all the merchants and marketers.

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Our Approach

To understand the client’s specific business requirements, Quantzig’s team of data management experts collated information from various sources to perform an analysis on buying patterns and results of promotions. Also, Quantzig’s team of data management experts built a database that seamlessly collates the circular information of the client and its relevant competitors on a weekly basis.

Data Management and Reporting Solution Benefits

  • Better understand the customers and their purchase history
  • Improve shopping experiences, sales, and merchandising by using customer data
  • Increase product portfolio and improve the offerings
  • Determine the frequency and type of sales and marketing promotions

Data Management and Reporting Solution Predictive Insights

  • Identify highly profitable customers in terms of total value of sales, number of sales, and estimated lifetime value
  • Identify customers responsive to promotional offerings
  • Analyze accurate allocation of stock across channels and stores
  • Improved efficiency at the supply chain level

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