How a US-based Telecom Company Leveraged Data Visualization to Reduce Customer Attrition Rates by 12%

Jun 14, 2021

Engagement Summary

Data visualization refers to the act of translating information into a visual context, in the form of a map or graph, to make data simpler to understand and pull insights from. Visualizing data is the most important aspect of data science, which helps turn data into action once it has been collected, analyzed, and modeled. 

The Telecom industry has become one of the pillars of the 21st century and was one of the first industries to inculcate the habit of data visualization. Advanced data visualization accompanied by business intelligence solutions ensures data safety and real-time data access for a telecom company. A US-based telecom company collaborated with Quantzig to leverage its expertise in interactive data visualization to improve its user experience.

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The client

The client is a US telecom services provider known for serving more than 10 million users through its telecom network and data services.

Business Challenge

This US-based telecom company approached Quantzig to leverage its expertise in data visualization to recognize hidden data patterns and gather actionable insights from their organizational data. Advanced data visualization solutions enable telecom sector players to make apt and quick decisions. The principal challenges of the client included –

  1. Improve user experience – To remain competitive in a tough market, the client wanted to enhance its customer experience by leveraging analytics-driven data visualization solutions. They wanted to build a lean and clear data visualization dashboard that would provide them real-time access to insights and help them take quick actions.
  2. Detect patterns – The client’s sales and marketing team faced predicaments with detecting patterns in vast amounts of disorganized data. This client wanted to leverage solutions to visualize data to detect hidden data patterns to improve business efficiency.
  3. Faster decision-making – A visual representation of data is easier to interpret than rows and rows of numbers. Thus, the client was looking forward to leveraging data visualization solutions to speed up decision-making processes and quickly discover new actionable insights.

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Solution Offered

Quantzig’s experts deployed advanced analytics-driven data visualization practices to gain real-time insights from business operations. Our experts helped the client design and utilize a data visualization dashboard powered by advanced analytics in the first phase of this collaboration. This dashboard provided them real-time access to data, enabling them to improve their services in critical geographical locations.

Our advanced analytics experts focused on squeezing actionable insights to help the client detect hidden patterns in the second phase of this collaboration. The dashboard developed by Quantzig helped them keep track of sales performance, team performances, business operations conditions, and marketing trends. By customizing the dashboard, the client was able to identify hidden data patterns, enabling them to eliminate costly inefficiencies and improve business efficiency.

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Business Outcome

The key business outcomes of the interactive data visualization engagement were –

  1. Reduced turnaround time by 33% over a period of just one month
  2. Improved user experience
  3. Reduced customer attrition rate by 12% in the last quarter of FY 2019-2020
  4. Reduced business operations decision-making time with real-time updates

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