Delay Management and On-Time Delivery Planning Add US$880,000 in Revenue for a Cargo Transportation Provider

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge:

Better distribution planning and on-time delivery management.

A cargo transportation services provider wanted to optimize distribution planning and improve on-time delivery of products to customers.


Lost revenues due to delayed deliveries.

The client had been facing issues of delays in its product delivery to customers due to less than efficient distribution planning, and was losing revenues. Client wanted an efficient distribution planning solution which improved on-time delivery and reduced losses.

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Delay analytics and schedule optimization.

We analyzed real-time data on shipment volumes, spare capacity, journey time and delays, average fleet speed to determine, predict and prevent the causes of delay. We also mapped the transit time against the traffic flow, transport routes and scheduling to create the most efficient delivery plan for improving revenue per mile.


USD 880,000 additional revenue in 3 month.

The client used our insights to schedule its pick/pack and delivery routes and distribution schedules in a more efficient manner. This reduced delay in deliveries and the client improved revenue by USD 880,000 in 3 months.

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