Transport Network Optimization Helps a Leading Dental Implants Manufacturer Reduce Overheads

Mar 28, 2018

Client: A leading dental implants manufacturer

Area of engagement: Transport network optimization

Medical implants are artificial devices or tissues, which are used to replace damaged biological structures or enhance an existing biological structure. Typically, medical implants are used in areas such as dental, cardiovascular, neurological, orthopedic disorders, and others.

Dental implants are the most preferred treatment option for individuals who have lost their tooth or teeth due to periodontal diseases, injury, or other conditions that require the replacement of natural tooth. Additionally, the growing number of dental injuries owing to road accidents and sports injuries are also considered to be some of the major factors fueling the demand for dental implants. The growth of the industry is also driven by the rising awareness about oral care, increasing demand for cosmetic and preventive dental procedures, and the availability of advanced dental implants with improved success rates.  However, the growth of the dental implants industry is restricted due to certain factors, which include:

  • Increased complexity of medical equipment: The increased complexity of devices results in a tougher diagnosis and repair processes and increases the cost of field service. It is also raising the cost of training field service technicians and raising the bar for salaries to hire more qualified field service engineers.

  • Increased competition: Increased competition from start-ups and spin-offs reduces the profit margin for dental implants manufacturers. Industry consolidations and other changes are eroding customer loyalty since differentiators are not as clear-cut and choice has increased.

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Many such challenges are compelling dental implants manufacturers across the globe to leverage the use of transport network optimization strategies. Transport network optimization strategies help firms offer flexible and efficient transportation services while not compromising on the costs. These solutions also help companies improve customer visibility and enhance customer service.

The Business Challenge

The client, a leading dental implants manufacturer with manufacturing units spread across the globe, wanted to improve customer service with on-time delivery of dental implants and offer better visibility into transportation services. Additionally, the client wanted to curtail the distribution costs and meet the requirements of the end-user segments in the medical implants space.

Dental Implants

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

The transport network optimization strategies offered by Quantzig, helped the dental implants manufacturer to determine the most efficient means of delivering the products to the concerned target audience. The engagement also helped the client increase their focus on curtailing the time-to-market for the products; thereby, optimizing patient care. The client also reduced their additional costs pertaining to transportation and enhanced the marketing ROI in the medical implants market.

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Transport Network Optimization Insights

With the help of Quantzig’s transport network optimization strategies, firms can identify the key areas of savings and gain end-to-end visibility into the transportation services of products. This will help firms reduce the distribution costs and minimize the time taken to deliver the products to the end customers. Furthermore, companies can leverage the use of transport network optimization strategies to reduce their overall overheads.

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