Digital Analytics Helps a Leading Media Buying Company Devise an Effective Online Marketing Strategy and Boost ROI by 3X

Aug 1, 2018

Media and Entertainment Industry Overview

The global media and entertainment industry has been migrating to a completely digital platform, which has functionally increased the scope for a seller to advertise their products or services. This has also facilitated a direct relationship with the customers. Companies are investing more in digital inventories, which has paved the way for the emergence of numerous media buying enterprises. Such enterprises create media placement strategies and develop creative ads to advertise the product of a client online. Their primary goal is to reach target customers in a cost-effective way. However, in the media and entertainment industry ecosystem, the road to growth has many obstacles which the media buying companies are struggling to address.

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Industry Challenges

The Absence of Customer-Specific Marketing Strategies: Any product or service in the market will respond in specific ways with respect to different sections of the demography. Creating a compelling media plan requires the company to undertake an audience-based approach, which can help target the right product to the right customers.

Tracking Performance and ROI: The lack of performance visibility of online campaigns deters strategizing of an effective and progressive market plan which is in line with the dynamic consumer expectations and market trends.

About the Client

A leading media buying company based out of South America.

Client’s Challenge

The media buying company lacked performance pointers to modify and manage the online strategies of their online campaigns. They required a digital analytics-based overview of the consumer trends in order to make their advertisements more customer-centric and facilitate maximum conversions.

Business Impact Created with Digital Analytics Study

Quantzig’s digital analytics study assisted the media buying company in gaining critical insights into customers’ expectations and their views on digital transactions. It helped them in modifying and creating smart and predictive online product-specific and customer-centric marketing strategies. The digital analytics study took a 360-degrees approach to give a microcosmic as well as a macrocosmic view of the ever-changing media and entertainment industry. This helped the media buying company stay abreast of the dynamic trends and implement the same in their strategies, which maximized conversions and boosted ROI for their clients.

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Digital Analytics Solution Insights

The digital analytics solution offered by Quantzig guides media and entertainment industry firms such as media buying companies to create more hyper-targeted content and advertising and accurately predict consumer behavior. Additionally, a robust digital analytics solution aids in consolidating data from several sources and gain an in-depth understanding of the customers; thereby, facilitating the improved performance of online campaigns and generating better ROI.

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