Improving Website Conversion Rate through Digital Analytics

Jul 23, 2017

Digital analytics helps measure business metrics like traffic, leads, and sales and includes data from external sources such as email, social media, and online PRs. With digital analytics, marketers can identify the attrition levels of social media, blogging, and email marketing and determine the true ROI of their marketing activities. Consequently, marketers can also diagnose deficiencies in specific channels in the marketing mix and deploy strategies and tactics to optimize their marketing activity.

Quantzig’s digital analytics solutions deliver a comprehensive understanding of the market in terms of the integration across different marketing channels and the ability to tie marketing activities to sales. The analytics team also offers solutions for competitive benchmarking, CRM, retail analytics.

The Business Challenge

A global conglomerate was facing challenges improving the website conversion rate. The client also wanted to improve the efficiency of its online spending – especially with a marketing budget in the first years of operation. Moreover, the client was facing challenges understanding the appropriate marketing mix to enhance their performance.

Our Approach

Quantzig’s team analyzed the informed obtained from various sources and developed a robust digital analytics roadmap to gauge the analytics maturity of the organization’s process and platform. This helped the client enhance their site traffic, and, in turn, assess the bounce rate and unique visitors.

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Digital Analytics Solution Benefits

  • Understand the online behavior of people and optimize website experience
  • Anticipate customer movement and interpret messages to drive customers to conversion
  • Offer accessible, reliable, and holistic near real-time customer analytics to understand how the businesses are performing
  • Analyze the geo-distribution of traffic, performance of individual marketing channels, and interactions on a website

Digital Analytics Solution Predictive Insights

  • Determine the objective of the organization
  • Assess the performance of e-commerce in terms of product and service sales
  • Estimate lead generation; the number of leads obtained through email and phone call
  • Assess brand penetration in terms of engagement and loyalty

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