Analyzing Game-Changing Opportunities in UK’s Drone Market with Quantzig’s Big Data Analytics Solutions

Dec 26, 2019

5 Challenges Facing UK’s Drone Market

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About the Client

The client is a renowned player in the commercial drone market in the United Kingdom. The company is also well-known for offering aerospace solutions, products, and services to cater to the commercial needs of businesses across sectors. With their business units and manufacturing base spread globally, they manufacture commercial drones and other monitoring solutions for both commercial purposes.

Business Challenge

Most business decisions today are based on the insights generated from big data. But the huge troves of unstructured data generated by the commercial drone market need high-performance big data analytics solutions to extract maximum, actionable insights. Being a premier analytics solutions provider, Quantzig has a long history of joining forces with players from the aerospace sector & commercial drone market to help them tackle their challenges by leveraging advanced analytics solutions and technology to simplify them.

Apart from being the most talked about emerging technology within the drone market, data science and big data analytics solutions are crucial for those looking to gain a leading edge in the commercial drone market. Data science and big data analytics play a huge role in collecting and analyzing data from various sources to drive decision-making through the generated insights.

The growing competition has wreaked havoc within the commercial drone market to such an extent that businesses are finding it challenging to recover. Get in touch with us if you wish to gain a leading edge in the drone market.

Having taken up a complete, organization-wide transformation initiative to enhance operations and flight safety, the company needed to enhance digitization at all levels. With the main focus of this initiative completely on hardware and software platform development and the redesign of the business model, analyzing different verticals and designing customized data-driven solutions proved to be challenging. This is when the commercial drone manufacturer approached Quantzig looking to leverage its big data analytics expertise to drive digital transformations within the drone market.

Solution Offered

To help the client succeed in their digital transformation initiatives, our data science and big data analytics experts adopted a comprehensive three-pronged approach that revolved around analyzing their business operations and assets. With data generated from various sources such as sensors, business operations, devices, and other business interactions, commercial drone manufacturers are expanding the use of data to better understand and improve their current technologies.

The initial phase of this big data analytics engagement revolved around leveraging NLP and machine learning algorithms to improve operations and connect better with OEM’s to further optimize business processes, perform predictive maintenance, and monitor performance. Our experts also helped the drone market client to devise a powerful big data analytics framework to analyze and collate data sets from different sources. This helped the drone manufacturer to adopt a data-driven approach to decision making.

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The use of data science and big data analytics solutions has produced great results for players in the commercial drone market, and our client was no exception. The use of a big data analytics framework helped accelerate their digital transformation initiatives due to which the company’s revenue increased by 8%, further propelling its position in the commercial drone market. With our solutions, the company also developed many initiatives to reduce the negative impact of external factors and improve process efficiency.

Real-time, data-driven insights also enabled the drone manufacturer to optimize prices based on demand, historical data, weather, competitor prices, and other value-added services. The use of big data analytics not only improved but also changed their game in the commercial drone market.

With the help of our big data analytics solutions, the client achieved measurable results that propelled their position in the drone market including:

  • Improved product design
  • Devised new business models and identified revenue streams
  • Faster rates of innovation and operational excellence
  • Performance optimization through big data analytics solutions

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