A B Testing Engagement Assists a Leading Online Electrical Goods Retailer to Improve Content Engagement and Reduce Bounce Rates

Apr 17, 2018

Engagement Summary

The electrical goods market is emerging rapidly, but the retail landscape has changed dramatically due to digitalization. This has significantly affected the online retail industry, bringing about drastic transformations and an increase in sales of electrical goods. The main reason for the increased demand for electronic goods can be attributed to rapid technological innovations that have made production more effective and less expensive. Moreover, the implementation of smart homes and connected devices are opening up new growth opportunities for the players in the electrical goods sector.

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The Client

An online electrical goods retailer based out of the US.

Area of Engagement

A B Testing Engagement

The Business Challenge

The client, a well-known player in the online retail industry, specializing in the sales of electrical goods, approached our team of experts to help them reduce bounce rates. The client also wanted to gain detailed insights into ways to improve content engagement. Additionally, with several competitors in the online retail industry, the client was looking at implementing  A B testing to enhance multi-functional objectives and gain a competitive edge.  Also, the client wanted to reduce customer bounce rates by offering the appropriate content to suit the audience’s behavior.

Electrical Goods

The Solution and the Business Impact

The solution provided by the experts at Quantzig helped the online electrical goods retailer to improve its customer retention strategies. Implementing A B testing enabled the client to adopt a successful conversion rate optimization strategy. This ramped up the online sales of electrical goods, bringing about positive responses from their customers. Moreover, performing A B also helped them better understand their customers.

A B Testing Solution Predictive Insights

Today’s online retail scenario is complicated, and the retail industry is experiencing accelerating growth owing to various innovations and advancements in technology. Major players in the electrical goods sector have ventured into the world of online retail to maximize sales and profit margins. This has necessitated the implementation of A B testing to gain detailed insights into customers’ preferences. Moreover, A B testing plays a significant role in driving conversion rates and is increasingly being adopted by major retail industry firms.

Online Retail Industry Trends

Personalization and CX: The primary focus of the retail industry is on improving customer experiencing and customization of services. Online retail businesses are improving their customer experience by offering exceptional customer service, low prices, fast shipping, and easy-to-navigate web page. Also, by using a variety of unknown customer data points, organizations aim to offer personalized site experiences.

Omni-channel management: The need for omnichannel management at the level of growing brands cannot be ignored. Developing an omnichannel management strategy requires businesses to rethink how goods and services will reach consumers or at least attract consumer attention.

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Technological advancements: Technological advancements have brought about major transformations in the retail industry, especially the online retail segment. The emergence of digital wallets has been a significant trendsetter, which makes buying on the go less annoying.

In the long run, the impact of online retail will not be limited to the conventional retail industry that it is increasingly replacing. It will also bring major transformations in the industrial landscape, consumers buying patterns, and reshape the government’s view of corporate power. Moreover, as leading players in the electronic goods market space look to enhance their agendas to attain success now and into the future, it will be interesting to see how these online retail trends continue to evolve, and how consumer preferences and related technology adjust accordingly.

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