Salesforce Performance Optimization for a Leading Electronic Contract Manufacturing Client Helps in Maximizing Salesforce Productivity and Minimizing Attrition

May 11, 2018

The client: An electronic contract manufacturing company

Area of engagement: Salesforce performance optimization

Electronic contract manufacturing is a form of outsourcing that provides a wide range of core manufacturing capabilities. Electronic contract manufacturers usually contract with organizations to manufacture electronic products on their behalf. Growing functionalities, such as component assembly, sub-assembly manufacturing, engineering, and design of printed circuit boards, and functional testing offered by contract manufacturing companies are expected to drive the contract manufacturing industry’s growth.

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The Business Challenge

With an aim to track and optimize the performance of their sales force, the client – a renowned electronic contract manufacturing company based out of the US with more than USD 93 billion in revenues – wanted to develop a solution for salesforce retention and optimize their strategy to improve conversion rate. As a result of stiff competition in the market – and the need to ensure that their customers continue availing their products – there was a need to re-strategize their existing strategy and salesforce productivity.

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The Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

With the help of Quantzig’s salesforce performance optimization solution, the electronic contract manufacturing client gained a clear understanding of the impact of training and compensation levels of the salesforce. They also identified factors that affected the growth, success, and tenure of candidates after training to ensure maximum ROI from current agents. This helped them minimize agent attrition and maximize salesforce productivity.

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Salesforce Performance Optimization Predictive Insights

Quantzig’s salesforce performance optimization solution assists firms in the telecom industry to understand the key factors affecting the performance of the salesforce, minimize agent attrition, and maximize sales force productivity. Companies can also gain real-time updates and insights into the agent’s performance, operational metrics, call details, and training of new recruits.

However, our in-depth analysis of the telecom industry shows that electronic contract manufacturing firms across the globe are facing challenges in terms of:

  • Assigning the right team: Working with any contract manufacturing firm, companies will go through distinct phases, which include contract manufacturer selection, contract and price negotiations, transition, and ongoing management. Each phase requires a different skillset – meaning that firms must be ready to tap into different levels of expertise.

  • Reducing inventory liabilities: A big problem for firms in this industry, especially those with leaner staffing levels and broader functional responsibilities, is that they do not ask the right questions early enough. Moreover, most companies do not enter the contract manufacturing relationship with a strong understanding of what their liability profile might look like; they often find out later when they get a charge for excess or outdated inventory.

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