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Apr 26, 2019


The ever-growing need to enhance compliance, risk management, operating efficiencies, and client relationships have prompted leading players across industries to focus on enterprise data management. This requires businesses to adopt a comprehensive approach to data analysis. A well-structured enterprise data management system helps businesses to bring most of these functionalities under one umbrella, helping them establish appropriate standards of conformity, data integrity, and reliability by increasing data efficiency and throughput.

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At Quantzig, we understand the need to deploy robust data management systems to tackle the challenges that arise in today’s complex business landscapes. Our customizable enterprise data management solutions have helped several players across industries. This success story is a classic example of our data management capabilities.

What is Enterprise Data Management?

Enterprise data management refers to an organization’s ability to precisely retrieve, integrate, and manage data obtained from all ERP applications and processes deployed by an organization. The main purpose of an enterprise data management system is to prevent conflicts and address the challenges that arise due to information misalignments by implementing a structured data management strategy.

Our domain knowledge and expertise in data analytics have helped leading businesses to integrate a robust data management strategy across their enterprise. Quantzig’s unique ‘data-driven + analytics powered’ approach to data management is what sets us apart from our competitors. Request a proposal to know more.

What are the Challenges?

The client, a well-known manufacturer and supplier of industrial equipment, screw couplings, suspensions, and gears based out of the United States was looking at adopting new technologies to sharpen their data management capabilities to gain a leading edge. A siloed data management system resulted in data being stored in multiple systems with different functionalities. This gave rise to several predicaments that hindered the client’s market expansion efforts.

Top challenges faced by the client:

  • Lack of an enterprise view
  • Siloed operations
  • Lack of efficient time and resource allocation strategies

Several data management challenges confronted by players in the industrial and manufacturing sector can be addressed by adopting a structured approach to enterprise data management. Request a free demo for detailed insights.

Read the complete case study to discover:

  • How you can improve operational excellence using our enterprise data management framework
  • How Quantzig’s data analysis and reporting capabilities can enhance your data management efforts
  • How we improved the client’s sales forecasting accuracy by 25%
  • How we boosted the client’s inventory forecasting accuracy by 30%
  • How the interactive dashboards empowered the client to visualize data on a variety of graphs, charts, and tables

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