Digital Analytics Helps a Food and Beverage Industry Client Improve Sales and Revenues

Oct 23, 2017

Industry Overview

Over the past few years, players operating in the food and beverage industry have started increasing their focus on innovation to move towards a more consumer-centric environment owing to the rising health awareness among the populace. Additionally, organizations across the food and beverage industry have started moving towards advanced digital assets to offer better-personalized products and a superior customer relationship experience. Consequently, to stay on par with the developments in the food and beverage industry space, key stakeholders are utilizing digital analytics solutions. Moreover, with the help of robust digital analytics solutions, players operating in the food and beverage industry can determine and forecast the needs, preferences, and expectations of the target customers; thereby, increasing the market growth potential and improving ROI.

With years of expertise in offering a plethora of digital analytics solutions, Quantzig helps clients use data to make better-informed business decisions. Additionally, clients can also leverage the use of digital analytics to manage their marketing efforts, digital supply chain, and IP rights.

Quantzig’s digital analytics solutions help businesses to decode, analyze, and interpret digital data illustrating user behavior on websites and mobile applications. Request for more information to learn how you can leverage it for your business.

The Business Challenge

A global food and beverage industry client with offices spread across geographies was facing predicaments in measuring their marketing performance and gaining insights into the areas of improvement. Additionally, the client also wanted to gauge information on the sales team’s activities to gain a deeper understanding of past performance and current performances. Furthermore, the food and beverage client wanted to improve their transparency and digital presence in the industry space.

Food and Beverage


Digital Analytics Solution Benefits

This robust digital analytics solution helped the food and beverage industry client transform their existing media delivery platforms to provide more personalized products to the audiences. Additionally, the client was able to complement the data, efficiently optimize marketing, and manage the sales force; thereby, estimating the payback between online and offline channels. Furthermore, the client was able to track and measure online campaigns at a granular level.

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Digital Analytics Solution Predictive Insights

  • Determine the impact of media on sales and distribution
  • Track and monitor sales performance and improve the decision-making process
  • Refine marketing campaigns promptly and track performance-related metrics
  • Increase brand awareness of the food and beverage industry client
  • Increase the ROI by 50%

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