Pricing Analytics Assists a Leading Food and Beverage Company to Revise its Product Pricing Strategy

Oct 26, 2017

In this highly fragmented market, companies in the food and beverage sectors are focusing on pricing to improve sales and boost productivity. The companies in the food and beverage sector are setting the pricing right to gain better returns on their marketing spend. To build strong pricing capabilities, leading organizations in the food and beverage space are advocating the need for a price analysis solution. Furthermore, effectively utilizing price analysis can help food service businesses achieve a positive impact on the bottom line and maximize their returns from marketing investments. Also, price analysis helps businesses understand the product’s position and the price elasticity of the products in the market. Price analysis also helps companies assess the importance of competitive pricing and the impact of sales and traffic on the product.

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To effectively understand the effect of price promotion on marketing activity, leading businesses in the food and beverage space are approaching companies like Quantzig. Quantzig’s price analysis solution provides a holistic image of the pricing statistics based on the customer’s reaction to the prices. Through the solution offered by Quantzig, businesses can build effective strategies to offer discounts and improve the volume of sales.

The Business Challenge

A renowned food and beverage company with a considerable number of manufacturing units spread across the globe was facing predicaments understanding their pricing portfolios and revising their product pricing to improve customer profitability. Furthermore, the client wanted to leverage effective price analysis solution to identify the pricing opportunities and optimize pricing strategies to improve business performance. The client wanted to identify the most profitable customers and target them in a cost-effective manner. The primary aim of the engagement was to improve profitability, margins, and market share in the food and beverage space.

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Price Analysis Solution Benefits

With the help of a robust pricing analytics solution, the client was able to identify the pricing opportunities in the market was further able to realign prices and increase profit margins. Moreover, the solution helped the client to closely monitor the market and anticipate the impact of price change on the products. Through the price analysis engagement, the food and beverage client was able to understand their trade-off customers and the impact of price changes on sales and profit.

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Price Analysis Solution Predictive Insights

  • Gauge price elasticity for a wide array of products and optimize pricing
  • Better position the products based on the demands of the customers
  • Create better efficiency in trade promotions and offer customized discounts
  • Build strong pricing capabilities and gain better returns on marketing investments

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