Quantzig’s Supply Chain Analytics Helps Build a New Supply Chain Strategy for a Food and Beverage Client

Oct 9, 2017

In the current global scenario, food and beverage industry is one of the largest global sectors, and accounts for more than $7 trillion in annual production. Any product needs to be mobilized from the manufacturer or producer to reach the customer who is the end user, and this emphasizes the need for supply chain analysis. Lengthier supply chains will push prices upward and result in more wastage due to ineffective supply chain strategies. Hence, an effective approach to addresses these issues would be based on building a new supply chain strategy that is effective enough to curtail the losses incurred.

To efficiently serve the demands of the customers, food, and beverage organizations are now opting for supply chain analysis. Leading businesses in this sector are approaching companies like Quantzig, with an intention to better understand their supply chain activities and to build effective strategies based on the supply chain analysis.

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The Business Challenge

A renowned food and beverage company was facing predicaments in trying to assess their supply chain patterns. The client wanted to use effective supply chain analysis to get a detailed insight on improving their reach in the target areas. In addition, the food and beverage client wanted to utilize technology and leverage the use of supply chain analysis to create a more responsible, thoughtful, and sustainable supply chain strategy, which would help them overcome the current obstacles faced by the food and beverage industry. The supply chain analysis study would help the food and beverage to deliver growth in revenue and keep track of the supply chain network.

QZ- supply chain analysis

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SupplyChain Analysis Solution Benefits

By utilizing Quantzig’s supply chain analysis solution, the food and beverage client could better design and manage their supply chain activities – from long-term, strategic decision-making to tactical production planning. Quantzig’s supply chain modeling methodology enabled the food and beverage client to reduce the overall cost, cut down risks, and edge out the competition. It also helped them gain better visibility into their current supply chain network and helped them manage their resources accordingly. 

Supply Chain Analysis Predictive Insights

  • Operations and logistics effectiveness
  • Automatic customer demand analysis and classification to identify buying behaviors
  • Collaborative, pervasive intelligence, and performance monitoring throughout the business ecosystem
  • A global approach to supply chain performance management including process model and metrics with standardized performance measurement across all levels in supply chain hierarchy
  • Supply chain strategy development and knowledge-based planning
  • Flexibility in the network and distribution footprint

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