Leading Meat Processing Company Optimizes Supply Chain Performance and Improves Agility with Quantzig’s Food Supply Chain Management Solutions

May 26, 2020

About the Client

The client is one of the leading meat processing companies in the United States with branches spread across North America.

Business Challenge

 Facing a steady decrease in the sales rate and profit margins amid the crisis, the client wanted to streamline its food supply chain structure for improving customer satisfaction, managing inventory, and meeting the existing market demands. The client’s approach to food supply chain management and logistics was unstructured and had a widespread impact on other supply chain processes and overall business growth. The challenges faced by this meat processing company included:

  1. Inventory stock outs – With rapidly changing customer demands, the meat processing company was facing difficulties in maintaining adequate stocks to meet existing customer demands.
  2. Inability to meet dynamic market demands – The client lacked a demand forecasting framework that could help them gauge demand and analyze market demand periodically.
  3. Changing customer needs – Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, customer needs and demands became dynamic and changed every week. In such a scenario, the client’s inability to analyze the current trends and meet customer expectations resulted in severe losses

By collaborating with Quantzig the client wanted to leverage our expertise in offering food supply chain management and logistics solutions. The client was also looking forward to implementing a holistic process that takes into account the organization’s process design and data governance methodologies to address the current and upcoming challenges.

Wondering how Quantzig’s food supply chain management can drive better outcomes for companies in the meat processing industry? Get in touch with our analytics experts today.

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

 The experts at Quantzig analyzed the client’s historical sales data to predict the meat market’s seasonality and highest sales records. The analytics experts were also able to identify the forces which were driving the market demand for meat products in the US. They also analyzed the client’s competitors to understand the top categories of meat that were majorly in demand across North America. The demand forecasting exercise done by Quantzig’s food supply chain analytics experts helped the client to accurately predict the upcoming demand and meet customer’s expectations. It even helped the client to allocate their budget and resources effectively in order to better manage the supply chain. 

By leveraging Quantzig’s food supply chain analytics solutions the meat processing company was able to:

  • Optimize  supply chain operations
  • Enhance transportation processes
  • Replenish inventory stocks beforehand
  • Improve the efficiency of their production cycle
  • Improve the agility of the food supply chain

Importance of Food Supply Chain Management

The food supply chain management is now gaining more attention as consumers are now more concerned about outbreaks of food borne diseases and other health hazards. A focused and unified food supply chain management and logistics approach facilitates traceability and planning to tackle supply chain disruptions. The benefits of leveraging an analytical approach to food supply chain management are as below-

  1. Reduces operational cost
  2. Boosts customer satisfaction
  3. Reduces wastage

Why Choose Quantzig as Your Next Food Supply Chain Analytics Solutions Provider?

Quantzig has been providing excellent food supply chain analytics solutions that offer granular insights into various supply chain processes. With experience that spans over a decade, we have created a niche for ourselves in the field of supply chain analytics. We believe and deliver actionable insights and customized solutions that fit perfectly with your business requirements while ensuring faster time-to-insight and value for money.

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