Big Data Analytics Helps a Leading Gaming Industry Client Improve Customer Engagements

Apr 18, 2018

Industry Overview

The global gaming industry is expected to witness remarkable growth over the next few years owing to the technological proliferation and innovation in both hardware and software segments. Growing penetration of Internet services, coupled with the easy availability and access to games on the Internet, are also expected to keep the growth prospects upbeat over the coming years. Additionally, the rising inclination to shift from physical games to online games has compelled gaming industry firms to increase their focus on hardware compatibility and efficiency. Furthermore, massively multiplayer online (MMO), free2play (F2P), and multiplayer games have progressively gained popularity – a trend that is anticipated to gain massive traction in the coming years.

However, our analysis of the global media and entertainment industry shows that companies in the gaming industry are facing challenges in terms of:

  • New Business Models: Today, several business models and new kinds of gaming modes have entered the market. Moreover, advertising costs are also playing a crucial role in determining if the game is offered for free. As a result, these newer business models are expected to disrupt the existing structure.
  • eSports: eSports attracts more viewers each year through new means of broadcasting such as streaming services, and as a result, the general public is becoming more and more aware of the eSports phenomenon.

Many such factors are compelling companies in the gaming industry to leverage the use of big data analytics. Big data analytics help firms in the gaming industry space to create customized products and services and facilitate effective loss prevention. These solutions also help firms gain actionable insights into ways of enhancing the overall customer experience.

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The Client

A leading gaming industry player with facilities spread across the globe.

The Business Challenge

The client wanted to collect, cleanse, format, and model data to get a clear picture of how their users interact with their games. The client also wanted to address customer challenges by modeling and visualizing massive amounts of heterogeneous data.

The Solution and the Business Impact

With the help of Quantzig’s big data analytics solution, the gaming industry client improved consumer experience through the proper collection and utilization of data. The client also drove customer engagements by optimizing the consumer’s journey and capitalizing on the best course of advertising to create the strongest conversion rate to sales. Furthermore, big data analytics solutions helped the gaming industry client to improve its product offering to customers.

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Big Data Analytics Predictive Insights

Quantzig’s big data analytics solution helps companies across the media and entertainment industry space to enhance the customer experience by innovating their products and devise robust risk management strategies to help them improve their competitive position in the market and make informed business decisions. Furthermore, big data analytics helps firms streamline the purchasing activities of the consumers and proactively track them.

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