Global Pharma Company Improves Product Launch Planning through Real-Time Big Data Analytics Reporting

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge

Setting up real-time big data analytics reporting. A global pharma company wanted to set up real-time big data analytics reporting for the launch of new drugs.


Requirement for deriving insights from the information collected through various data sources during drug launch

The client wanted to combine disparate data sources into an intelligent real-time data repository and reporting system that will actively support during the launch of new drugs.


Data mapping and normalization, and setting up a staging database

We analyzed the various data sources and setup data mapping and normalization methodologies. We set up a staging database to combine data from different sources to be mapped with the big data. Further, we set up a repository and real-time data visualization with automated reporting with a push mechanism for updates.


Improved planning for new product launch decisions

The client gained a centralized system for consolidated insights and real-time big data visualization. This helped them with effective planning and ad-hoc analysis for quick new product launch decisions. Our solution also provided access control on reports, and data access and scenario development for effective decisions.

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