Data Management: How it Helped a Healthcare Market Leader Achieve Strategic Goals by Better Managing their Core Information Assets

Jun 20, 2018

What the Client Wanted

The healthcare market company wanted to achieve strategic goals by better managing and utilizing their core information assets.

The Outcome

With the help of Quantzig’s data management solution, the healthcare market player was successful in leveraging data management solutions to unify and govern the data generated from various sources. Implementing data management as a core aspect of their business functions not only enhanced flexibility in information propagation but also helped them manage data more effectively. Our healthcare analytics solution also enabled the client to tackle challenges arising due to unstructured data and played a crucial role in reducing high-risk healthcare problems.

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Summary of the Healthcare Market

The healthcare market is witnessing a drastic transformation. And to gain a stronger foothold in this competitive marketplace, healthcare organizations have to invest considerable amounts in implementing technologies and processes to increase access, reduce costs, and improve services. Driving current healthcare market trends are the costs of providing care and gauging their outcomes. Moreover, owing to revenue pressures, healthcare providers are increasingly looking at adopting newer delivery models and analytical methodologies to enhance their service offerings.

Healthcare Market Challenges

  • Technological advancements: The proliferation of new and advanced technologies are drastically transforming the entire healthcare landscape. Though it brings about several new opportunities it also poses major challenges for players in this sector.
  • Increasing data demands: Healthcare firms rely on customer data to make critical business decisions that guide planning. However, owing to the several unstructured data sources healthcare firms find it difficult to extract valuable information and are forced to make assumptions based on information obtained from unreliable data sources.

About the Client

A major healthcare market client.

Client’s Challenge

To pursue a novel approach that would help them identify and maintain a consistent view of business-critical data, the client – a leading healthcare market leader – approached Quantzig to leverage data management solutions coupled with healthcare analytics. The client was facing major challenges due to the unstructured, replicated, and scattered datasets across their business units. Also, the client was looking at developing data management techniques that would help them organize unstructured data to gain maximum benefits.

Business Impact

With the help of Quantzig’s data management solution, the healthcare market firm gained a holistic view of customers that helped them deliver personalized services by integrating healthcare data from multiple sources. Additionally, our healthcare analytics solution assisted the client in creating inimitable customer experiences, which helped reduce the disparity in the customer’s mind regarding healthcare services.

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Data Management Solution Insights

With the innumerable and unique challenges that have unfolded in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare market, analytic solutions act as a potential lifeline to healthcare service providers that are being tasked with both safeguarding their patients’ information as well as getting their economies under control. Moreover, there’s no denying that several challenges exist, but with the help of data management techniques and precise healthcare analytics solutions, companies can gain a stronger foothold in the healthcare market.

An effective data management strategy can help improve customer retention, boost brand loyalty, drive top-line growth, and minimize redundant costs. To help healthcare market players in their pursuit of data insights, our data management experts have also identified different stages of organizational capabilities and their associated analytical strategies.

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