Metadata Management for A Hospitality Services Client Helps Simplify Data Discovery and Reinforce Data Consistency

Apr 5, 2018

Client: A leading hospitality services provider

Area of engagement: Metadata management

Over the past few years, the world of travel and hospitality services has entered a new era of growth and transformation. Renewed consumer confidence, accompanied by a shift in household spending from goods to services and experiences has helped leisure travel and hospitality services industries to sustain a growth rate well ahead of gross domestic product (GDP). Additionally, a combination of forces, including shifts in the global economy, geopolitical turmoil, game-changing innovation, and rising consumer demands are fueling the growth of the hospitality services industry.

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However, our analysis of the latest hospitality industry trends shows that the firms providing hospitality services are facing challenges in terms of:

  • Increasing loss of control over the customer: Lately, the increase in the use of the Internet, homogenization of the hospitality services, and increased corporate oversight has reduced the amount of control that operators have over the customers.
  • Human Resources: Human resources are an area that is growing in importance. As the hospitality services industry continues to grow, it needs to focus on its employees and their roles as service providers. Increasing demand requires increased staffing levels at a time when the labor pool is shrinking.

Many such factors are compelling players in the hospitality services space to leverage the use of metadata management solutions. Metadata management solutions bring transparency and clarity to information and removes ambiguity in words and data. These solutions also help businesses maintain data and clear the ambiguities arising from similar-looking information.

The Business Challenge

The client, a leading provider of hospitality services across the globe wanted to determine the best way to implement the metadata strategy, tools, and standards. Additionally, they wanted to reinforce their service consistency through redundancy elimination and data reuse to increase their overall productivity. The client also wanted to devise strategies to develop a good metadata management model across their business units.

The Solution and the Business Impact

Quantzig’s metadata management solution helped the hospitality services provider devise a robust managed metadata environment (MME), to identify the appropriate data elements. The solution also helped the client eliminate unused storage and reduce the overall cost and time spent on deciding the appropriate variations of data attributes.

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With the help of Quantzig’s metadata management solutions, firms can gain highly customizable, iterative, and workflow-oriented design to help them achieve overall business success. Our solutions are defined based on several clear objectives, fine-grained tasks, and success factors that enable firms to develop a well-managed metadata environment that includes the implementation of the latest hospitality industry trends and advanced technologies.

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