Quantzig’s HR Analytics Solutions Helped a Financial Services Firm to Achieve an Optimum Staffing Level and Improve Employee Engagement Rate By 17%

Sep 19, 2019

The client is a leading financial services firm based out of Switzerland that has more than 10M employees and is known for serving more than 22 million customers across the globe.

With the advent of digitization, every financial organization is looking for resources that could help them update their legacy systems, improve operating effectiveness, and customer experience. To tackle the challenges posed by the digital economy, financial services firms need a workforce that can manage the change efficiently. Therefore, attracting and retaining the skilled workforce is the need of the hour for the financial services sector to compete and innovate in the digital environment. However, financial services firms find it extremely difficult to effectively manage their workforce that can help them combat security issues, deal with increased regulations, and manage big data effectively. This is where HR analytics solutions can help. By leveraging HR analytics solutions, financial services firms can make smarter, more strategic, and well-informed talent decisions.

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Business Challenge

The client, a leading Swiss financial services firm, was facing difficulties due to data silos that were affecting their agility. This prevented them from integrating structured and unstructured datasets to draw insights on the potential of the workforce. The client was looking for a smart approach that could help them globalize their processes so that everyone could leverage the same data to make crucial decisions. The existing performance management system of the company was not able to deploy an effective process to identify high potential (HIPO) employees. Furthermore, the financial services company was facing a high employee turnover annually that affected efficiency and productivity, leaving a terminal impact on employee engagement.

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Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

To help the client tackle their core business challenges, Quantzig’s team of HR analytics experts adopted a three-step holistic approach. The first phase of HR analytics engagement focused on organizational data exploration. In the second phase of the HR analytics engagement, the experts identified and used employee data to accurately identify the factors for attrition, retain efficient employees, and reduce overall attrition related costs. The third and final phase of the HR analytics engagement revolved around utilizing valuable insights gained from employee data to map and visualize the internal and external networks of an employee relationship.

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Quantzig’s HR analytics solutions also helped the client to:

  • Analyze the tenure, work experiences, and managerial connections of top-performing employees
  • Gauge the drivers of the successful onboarding and retention of new hires
  • Improve employee engagement rates by 17%

Why Choose Quantzig as Your Next HR Analytics Solutions Provider?

Quantzig is committed to offering cutting-edge HR analytics solutions that help organizations to institutionalize data-driven decision making and tackle complex challenges. Our HR analytics solutions include statistical approaches and platforms that can help you accelerate your journey from data to decisions. Quantzig’s flexible HR analytics solutions help companies to automate their HR management processes by integrating structured and unstructured datasets to extract valuable insights. This can help companies make better data-driven decisions to match people with the desired requirements and hire the right candidate in the workforce.

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