How HVAC Analytics Service Helped HVAC Manufacturer Decrease Resolution Time? 

Jul 19, 2022

Highlights of the Case Study: 

Particulars Description 
Client A leading HVAC manufacturer was struggling with high service resolution time. 
Business Challenge Our client wanted to streamline its customer services by integrating advanced HVAC analytics, customer and installer services, and smart home services.
Impact Quantzig offered the client a manufacturing operations analytics solution that helped drive efficiency in service resolution. Quantzig deployed HVAC analytics software that offered the client a complete overview of the equipment in the building’s HVAC systems, which helped drive cost savings.  

Game-Changing Solutions for the HVAC Manufacturing Industry   

What does the future hold for HVAC analytics? Modern HVAC systems control commercial and industrial buildings’ indoor temperature and climate. They are equipped with sophisticated features such as water controls and acoustics. Building management systems (BMS) control and monitor most energy-consuming systems such as HVAC, lighting, fire, and security systems. The functioning of HVAC components is regulated by BMS based on the data from sensors that track important parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide levels, system pressure, and occupancy.

Quantzig’s manufacturing operations analytics solutions can efficiently analyze data from various BMS to optimize assets and production lines, decreasing equipment failures and unplanned downtimes. These solutions can reduce resolution time, enhance the usage of current assets, and improve maintenance using predictive maintenance analytics.  

The Challenges of the Client 

Our client is a leading manufacturer of HVAC equipment in Europe. The client wanted to implement a manufacturing operations analytics solution as it was facing problems with high issue resolution time, handling of smart connectivity products, upholding indoor air quality (IAQ) benchmarks, expenditure, and ransomware attacks. They needed to streamline HVAC asset’s granular operational data and real-time cloud visualization services. 

The client approached Quantzig for tailor-made manufacturing operations analytics solutions capable of integrating building automation systems (BAS) and HVAC, security, lighting, and temperature controls into a single interface. The client also wanted to optimize the efficiency and performance of BAS and provide 24/7 control solutions for emergency repair and services. 

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Quantzig’s Manufacturing Operations Analytics Solution for HVAC Manufacturer   

Quantzig experts deployed HVAC analytics software that offered the client a complete overview of the building’s HVAC systems. Additionally, the solution created by our experts provided transparency, essential for a more profound knowledge of the functioning of core-building processes and devices, and identified cost-saving options. Quantzig’s manufacturing operations analytics solution provided the client with pertinent information for maintenance contractor visitation schedules. The client used the manufacturing operations analytics solution to attain NABERS Energy goals and deliver diagnostic tools to fix performance issues. 

Impact Analysis of Quantzig’s Data Intelligence and Advanced Analytics in the HVAC Manufacturing Industry  

The solution offered by Quantzig helped the client to lower the resolution time by providing faster service. In addition, our manufacturing operations analytics solution enabled our client with multiple features to help compare and comprehend patterns across time and a variety of variables, including outdoor temperature, indoor temperature, humidity, and weather. Besides these benefits, Quantzig’s solution impacted the client’s business in the following ways: 

  • Real-time insight 100% 100%
  • Minimized expenditure on HVAC equipment maintenance 100% 100%
  • Early detection of anomalies 100% 100%
  • Monitored performance of HVAC devices 100% 100%
  • Dashboards and visualizations for different HVAC devices  
  • Monitored performance of various HVAC devices 
  • Minimized expenditure on HVAC equipment maintenance 
  • Early detection of anomalies enabled customer risk mitigation and prevented malfunctioning of HVAC units  
  • Prolonged the lifetime of systems with preventative maintenance 
  • Real-time insight  

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Key Outcomes 

Quantzig’s manufacturing operations analytics solution helped the client optimize resource utilization and minimize expenditure. Our solutions helped the client to efficiently analyze BMS and provide quicker resolution of issues. The solution integrated BAS and HVAC system controls into a single interface. This integration of this information enabled the client to streamline its customer services.   

A Broad Perspective on the role of Manufacturing Analytics Solution in the HVAC Manufacturing Industry: 

Commercial buildings are leveraging advanced analytics with machine learning (ML) capabilities to identify and fix issues associated with consumption and operations. The use of manufacturing operations analytics solutions in the HVAC manufacturing industry helps isolate problems and identify abnormalities before the components fail. The solution offers helpful suggestions to fix problems and make automatic adjustments to maximize performance while reducing energy wastage. A master systems integrator (MSI) is required to optimize analytics as it offers tailored solutions that meet the HVAC requirements of a building. MSI improves equipment efficiency for interconnected systems like lights and power meters.  

The use of Quantzig’s manufacturing operations analytics solution helps HVAC equipment manufacturers lower resolution time by providing faster service and streamlining their customer services by integrating advanced analytics, customer and installer services, and smart home services. Therefore, HVAC equipment manufacturers have started to implement Quantzig’s manufacturing operations analytics solution to save energy and provide better resolution of issues. 

Key Takeaways

  • Quick resolution of service issues  
  • Monitored performance of various HVAC devices  
  • Provided timely alerts, faults, and notifications 
  • Minimized HVAC equipment maintenance expenditure 
  • Helped in early detection of anomalies 
  • Increased energy savings 
  • Optimized energy efficiency for buildings 

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