Improved Pipeline Capacity Utilization Achieved by a Leading Oil and Gas Company Through Capacity Management

Sep 22, 2016

Business Challenge

Improving operational efficiency.

The client wanted to implement a solution that could help them in optimizing operational cost and improving pipeline capacity utilization.


Challenges with managing complex operations and ensuring optimal capacity utilization.

Due to a lack of robust processes in place, the client was consistently facing challenges in managing operations efficiently, leading to capacity utilization issues. This also led to the deterioration of business performance.

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Capacity management solution for improved operational efficiency.

We developed a solution that enabled the client with integrating shipment details, operation details and capacity for deriving insights specific to pipeline capacity utilization. The solution also helped the client in assessing the operational constraints and making effective decisions specific to operational constraints.


Improved pipeline capacity utilization rate.

The client was able to make use of information from multiple sources to derive insights on capacity and asset utilization trends. They were able to take effective decisions for improving the overall operations and capacity utilization. They also efficiently managed the costs associated with capacity utilization, utilities, maintenance, etc., facilitating a reduction in costs.

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