Improving Logistics and Supply Chain Visibility Using Supply Chain Analytics Solutions | A Success Story by Quantzig

Sep 23, 2019

The client is a leading equipment manufacturer based out of North America. The equipment manufacturer is well-known offering advanced services and innovative software to aid the manufacture of advanced semiconductors, flat panel displays, and solar photovoltaic products. The client wanted to leverage Quantzig’s supply chain analytics solutions to achieve better visibility and control over the supply chain and logistics operations across all locations and build capabilities to identify savings opportunities.

The Business Challenge

Owing to the sky-rocketing costs, the client was looking at leveraging supply chain analytics solutions to rationalize its time-critical service network in North America consisting of over 15 locations, serving several hundred high-value semiconductor equipment manufacturers. The challenges stemmed mainly due to their inability to adhere to target response time and capture supply chain data which further hindered their ability to achieve enterprise-wide supply chain visibility, mitigate risks and identify opportunities for savings.

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Besides, the lack of an enterprise-wide supply chain program reduced the impact of their investments on their bottom line. Their business objective was to reduce both their spare parts inventory investment and logistics costs while meeting target response times specified in their multi-level service level agreements.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

Quantzig’s challenge was to design an agile supply chain analytics framework for the client’s network consisting of 50+ vendors feeding over 10,000 different after-sale service products through their nine service centres. Our supply chain analytics experts worked closely with the client to help them tackle their challenges. A three-pronged approach was adopted to deliver 360-degree supply chain and logistics transformation, it focused on leveraging supply chain analytics solutions to optimize the client’s current supply chain and logistics processes by analyzing inventory investments and reducing delivery costs under different response time requirements.

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Phase 1

The first phase of this supply chain analytics engagement focused on capturing and cleansing supply chain data. A detailed analysis of this data helped the client to identify and closely monitor all critical supply chain activities.

Phase 2

The second phase focused on leveraging supply chain analytics solutions to streamline supply chain processes and identify factors impacting inventory costs.

Phase 3

The third phase revolved around the use of advanced supply chain analytics solutions to develop a framework that empowered the client to determine the optimal size of the network, assign priorities, and distribute the safety stock levels and minimize the total cost to meet the response-time requirements in their SLAs.

The supply chain analytics solutions enabled the client to realize over $5 million in annual savings while achieving the target response times specified in their multi-tier service level agreements.

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