Big Data Analytics Saves USD 12 Million for an Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge

Improving production operations through big data analytics.

An Asian industrial equipment manufacturer wanted to improve its production operations for pumps, compressors, and blowers and was looking to receive insights from diversified sources of information.

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Non-cohesive operations-related data, proving no real value.

The industrial equipment manufacturer was facing issues in streamlining its manufacturing operations, due to diversified information on procurement costs, supply, and inventory, plant operations, etc. The client wanted to obtain real-time insights based on consolidated large volume data, to create a better operations plan and reduce manufacturing costs.


Big data visualization, sensor data analytics.

We collected real-time data from sensors throughout the client’s plant floors, machinery and equipment, and supply chain. The data was transformed using the Fourier and SVM algorithms, and time series modeling. We further used constraint modeling, scenario testing, forecasting, and predictive analysis to provide meaningful insights for process automation and optimization.

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USD 12 million saved in 12 months.

The industrial equipment manufacturer utilized our insights from sensor-based monitoring, diagnostics, and maintenance to enhance process coordination, determine operation requirements, plan production operations, procurement, and labor utilization based on forecast requirements, which helped them save USD 12 million in 12 months.

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