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Feb 23, 2021

The automotive industry has entered a new realm of innovation focused on delivering self-driven, autonomous vehicles. Clearly, innovation in automotive is defined by changing mobility, customer needs, and growing safety concerns. ‘With the world’s leading automotive companies investing billions into the design and development of connected and autonomous vehicles, this industry is poised to witness a major transformation in 2021,’ said an analytics expert at Quantzig.

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Innovation in automotive is made possible by recent advances in luxury auto innovations backed by breakthrough technology and advanced analytics that can collect and analyze data from autonomous vehicles, offering detailed insights about the vehicle and the driving environment.

Facing several data issues, a global autonomous cars manufacturer approached Quantzig to more efficiently capture and analyze the data collected by its self-driving vehicles and to leverage those insights to advance their R&D efforts.

innovation in automotive

Other challenges faced by the client included:

  • High iteration cycles and data processing time hindered their R&D efforts
  • Lack of analytical capabilities to effectively use data generated by autonomous cars to identify new opportunities to improve safety
  • The inability to accelerate research and development through data-driven insights

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Our Approach

Quantzig’s cutting-edge automotive analytics solutions aim to drive innovation in automotive by leveraging technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and IoT to help auto manufacturers make better decisions, modernize processes, and drive growth across the automotive value chain.

Quantzig’s analytics experts worked hand-in-hand with the client to design and build solutions to drive innovation in automotive. The focus of this engagement revolved around helping the auto manufacturer analyze the huge troves of unstructured data streams collected by their test fleet.

Our advanced analytics solutions also helped the automotive company speed up its R&D efforts in the autonomous cars segment by accelerating the insights generation process. AI & ML, big data, and IoT-based analytics solutions were provided to accelerate data analysis and automatically flag events that could provide valuable insights to the client’s autonomous driving software. To learn more about our analytics solutions designed to drive innovation in automotive Request more information.


Quantzig’s advanced analytics solutions have a strong focus on driving innovation in automobile sector. Leveraging these solutions enabled the autonomous car manufacturer to reduce iteration cycles and other data analysis processes, accelerating the development of autonomous vehicles.

The benefits included:

  • Accelerated delivery of autonomous vehicles
  • Improved insight generation
  • Maximized ROI of test vehicles with improved R&D efficiency

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