Web Analytics: How an Interactive Media Services Provider Decreased Bounce Rates and Increased Sales

Jun 1, 2018

Interactive Media Services Industry Overview

The interactive media services industry can be divided into multiple layers and is becoming increasingly integrated vertically. The most important among these are the roles of portals, aggregators, and back-office – all of which rely heavily on customer management. Over the past few years, the interactive media services industry has proliferated rapidly, assisted by the boom in internet usage, and is expected to grow further in the coming years, driven mainly by e-commerce and infrastructure consisting of internet services, mobile phones, video games, and digital broadcast satellites.

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What the Client Wanted

Effectively optimize operations, maximize margins, and better understand the customers.

The Outcome

Created advertising campaigns for specific customers.

Industry Challenges

Competition: To remain on top of the game in today’s competitive landscape, companies in the media and entertainment industry must look to increase their focus on moving to a more audience-based approach. Besides, the capability to deliver better communications and offers are expected to impact the relationship between consumers and marketers. 

Diversification: Interactive media services providers are growing at a rapid pace and are increasing their reach to new markets today. As a result, it becomes essential for companies to develop innovative service lines to increase profitability and optimize their ROI. 

About the Client

An American multinational interactive media services provider.

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Client’s Challenge

The client wanted to integrate new web applications to improve sales performance and meet their potential business needs. Additionally, the interactive media services provider was facing challenges in implementing and improving web analytics for their websites. As a result, they wanted to deploy fast-growing and conversion-driven analytics to increase traffic; thereby, enhancing the ROI.

Engagement Summary

Business Impact

With the help of Quantzig’s web analytics solution the client, a leading interactive media services provider tracked the flow of traffic and determined the appropriate space to invest marketing dollars and time. Additionally, the client promoted products based on customers’ browsing activity in terms of demographics. This helped them decrease bounce rates and increase sales.

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Web Analytics Solution Insights

Quantzig’s web analytics solution helps firms in the media and entertainment industry to understand the campaigns contributing to conversions by utilizing a robust analytics attribution channel. Additionally, firms can identify and increase focus on the call-to-action that generates the most interest based on geographies.

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