A Leading Fast Food Chain Improves Process and Visualization for Its Online and Mobile Ordering Platform Through Quantzig’s Advanced Analytics Techniques

Sep 22, 2016

Business Challenge

Improving the customer experience

A leading fast food chain wanted to improve the customer experience for its online and mobile ordering platform.


Evaluation of the effectiveness of design and flow of the newly designed platform

Client had recently designed its online and mobile ordering platform and wanted to understand the customer experience and level of satisfaction with the new platform.

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Customer journey analysis solution based on customer behavior assessment

We conducted customer behavior assessment at various stages of the navigation process and defined various touch points, at the places where customers engagement was high with the site and where site supported the completion of their purchase. We did in-depth analysis on the precise points where issues were cropping up and on reasons behind the issues.


Improved customer experience resulting in increased sales

The client achieved improved process and visualization for the customer journey with analysis of each stage and touchpoints. Our solution helped the client in identifying and removing operational inefficiencies and improve focus on key issues. They were also able to improve the cross-selling of products and achieve a significant increase in sales.

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