Sales Force Effectiveness for a Life Sciences Client Helps Improve Return on Investment

Nov 9, 2017

Today, businesses in the life sciences industry have started shifting toward a more patient-centric environment to go on par with the pricing pressure and the regulatory changes in the life sciences space. Also, with the rising need for innovations, renowned companies in the life sciences space are leveraging sales force effectiveness solutions. Sales force effectiveness solutions help companies profile profitable customers and rapidly develop new sales models. With the help of an effective sales force engagement, organizations in the life sciences space can identify and prioritize opportunities and maximize customer value. Also, organizations in the life sciences space can improve the hiring and retention of the employees and further motivate their sales team. In the life sciences space, effective engagement of the salesforce allows companies to develop sales strategies and ultimately improve sales performance.

To understand marketing effectiveness and improve sales performance, leading businesses in the life sciences space are approaching companies like Quantzig. With years of expertise in offering a plethora of services, Quantzig’s sales force effectiveness solution helps leading businesses spur sales productivity and enhance the sales team’s efficiency. Moreover, firms in the pharmaceutical industry can effectively understand customer buying behavior and further improve conversion rates.

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Challenges Faced

A renowned life sciences company with a considerable number of service offerings was facing predicaments structuring their sales force and improving productivity. The client wanted to build a competent sales force to improve their sales performance and sustain long-term relationships with customers. Also, with the help of sales force effectiveness, the life sciences company wanted to leverage innovations in the life sciences space and increase the efficacy of their sales process. Also, the client wanted to seek ways to simplify the prevailing sales processes and enhance sales operations.

QZ- sales force

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Sales Force Effectiveness Solution Benefits for the Life Sciences Client

With the help of the sales force effectiveness solution offered by Quantzig, the client was able to benchmark the effectiveness of their sales force and improve their business performance. The sales force effectiveness engagement also helped the client address concerns related to the sales process and helped them maximize customer value. Furthermore, the engagement also helped the client improve the customer conversion rates and the sales cycle times.

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Sales Force Effectiveness Predictive Insights

  • Identify and profile buyer segments and develop a winning value proposition
  • Accurately allocate resources and deliver rapid bottom-line results
  • Assess the performance of the sales team and unearth new strategies
  • Increase sales by 10% from the first to the second half of the year
  • Increase the earnings of the employees and improve the overall business performance

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