Clickstream Analytics for a Leading Luxury Products Manufacturer Helps Improve Traffic and Enhance Market Evaluation Process

Nov 20, 2017

At present, the customer’s shopping behavior is changing, and they are shifting toward luxury brands due to the recent increase in disposable income. Also, factors such as the superior quality, value, and durability associated with these products are further compelling the customers to purchase products from such brands. With the relentless growth of e-commerce, consumers have become more informed and are relying on websites and mobile apps to shop for products. In the luxury products space, the growing need for understanding the trends in shopping behavior is compelling manufacturers to look for clickstream analytics solutions. With the aid of clickstream analytics, luxury products manufacturers can gain insights on the websites that the consumer visits and devise effective strategies to improve site traffic. In the e-commerce space, renowned manufacturers can leverage clickstream analytics to determine the effectiveness of their website.

To facilitate business decisions and identify opportunities in the luxury products manufacturing space, renowned organizations are approaching companies like Quantzig. With years of expertise in offering a plethora of solutions, Quantzig’s clickstream analytics solution helps consumer goods manufacturers understand the online behavior of the customers and better connect with them.

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The Business Challenge

A renowned luxury products manufacturer with a considerable number of manufacturing units spread across the globe was facing certain predicaments understanding customer’s interactions with the brand and gaining better insights to optimize their business performance. The client wanted to leverage clickstream analytics to profile, target, and retain potential customers. With the help of clickstream analysis, the client wanted to gain valuable insights into the customer’s behavior and their shopping patterns. The renowned luxury products manufacturer also wanted to seek ways to quickly improve pricing strategies, better segment customers, and analyze the website’s performance.

Benefits of Clickstream Analytics

The clickstream analytics solution offered by Quantzig helped the renowned luxury products firm profile potential customer segments based on traffic insights and introduce more personalized offers to the customers. Moreover, the client was able to improve their pricing strategy and categorize and target visitors. The clickstream analytics engagement also assisted the luxury products manufacturers to identify the reason for customer churn and optimize the product web pages in an agile and seamless manner. The luxury products manufacturer was also able to leverage clickstream analytics to gain insights into the user engagement, site performance, and response times.

Clickstream Analytics Predictive Insights:

  • Improved user’s interaction with the website and leveraged vast sets of data
  • Determined the data that yields maximum information and analyzed the pages that web visitors were visiting
  • Improved the overall traffic by 15% and analyzed the visitor’s bounce rates
  • Analyzed the purchasing preferences of the customers and sent customized offers to the customers
  • Improved the chances of making sales by 10% and reduced the overall customer attrition level

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