Managing Large Data Sets: How Quantzig’s Data Integration Solution Helped a Retail Chain Reduce Returns by 20%

Aug 8, 2017

Today, the retail landscape has reached its saturation point due to the presence of demanding customers who are more informed and discerning. The customers are leveraging the use of digital media to research online and make better-informed decisions. To increase their penetration levels, retailers are also relying on robust analytics to better understand customers, forecast needs, and demands. Consequently, retailers are adopting the use of analytics to optimize costs without compromising on the quality. Also, with the use of robust data integration, companies can design and implement data models and plan warehouses for companies.

Quantzig’s data integration solution helps clients reduce costs by effectively reusing data and knowledge. Moreover, Quantzig’s data integration solutions help businesses to seamlessly integrate data from existing on-premises system to the cloud, big data, and IoT systems in a cost-effective manner. Furthermore, Quantzig’s hybrid data integration enables the client to reduce complexity and improve overall optimization, thereby improving business agility.

The Business Challenge

A leading retail chain, just like any other organization with a considerable number of employees, was facing challenges managing the data sets involved in their compliance training and product return processes. The client looked on to Quantzig to help accumulate and organize data in a more seamless and effective manner. The client wanted to maintain robust compliance guidelines and provide the necessary compliance training for employees. Moreover, the client was also facing challenges with tracking and monitoring returns.

Our Approach

To address such challenges, Quantzig’s data management experts collated data across a range of sources such as point of sale terminals, HR systems, customer surveys, and inventory management systems. Also, Quantzig’s data management experts created a dashboard to enable a more informed, data-driven decision-making process.

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Data Integration Solutions Benefits:

  • Create a comprehensive report that provided information on compliance course consumption
  • Gained access to compliance reporting with new reports generated every day
  • Identify locations that require more compliance training
  • Reduce returns by 20% and assess the performance tracking
  • Reduce time-consumption and man power compared to previous excel-based reports

Data Integration Predictive Insights:

  • Quickly spot the pain points and make informed business decisions
  • The users feedback showed a positive response with the majority of stakeholders considering new reports as user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • The client further was able to operationalize their business and reduce product returns by 20%.

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