Manufacturing Analytics Engagement Helped a Distilled Spirits Manufacturer to Improve Supply Chain Agility and Increase Customer Retention by 2x- Quantzig’s Success Story

Oct 16, 2019

About the Client

A distilled spirits manufacturing company based out of New Jersey in the United States.

The Business Challenge

The client, a distilled spirits manufacturer, wanted to develop an effective strategy to enhance end-to-end supply chain visibility to achieve high customer satisfaction during order fulfillment. Additionally, the client also wanted to unlock the true potential of their manufacturing data to support their digital transformation efforts and drive growth. Furthermore, the client was looking to leverage manufacturing analytics solutions to identify the areas of optimization to ensure greater product delivery, tackle bottlenecks, and devise new initiatives to diagnose and correct flaws that were adversely impacting their productivity.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

To tackle the challenges faced by the client, Quantzig’s dedicated team of manufacturing analytics adopted a three-step approach which leveraged AI-driven strategies to conduct a thorough analysis of the client’s manufacturing data.

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Phase 1

The first phase of manufacturing analytics engagement focused on identifying and analyzing the datasets involved in each of the manufacturing processes of the client. Also, the experts analyzed different data points such as the required time to develop products and delivery success rates.

Phase 2

The second phase of this manufacturing analytics engagement revolved around identifying key performing indicators to understand and analyze organization’s objectives and gauge the success ratio.

Phase 3

In the third and final phase of the manufacturing analytics engagement, our experts created customized manufacturing analytics dashboards that helped the client to analyze the data generated from manufacturing processes in real-time.

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Business Outcome

The solution offered by Quantzig helped the client to reduce errors, improve supply chain efficiency, and enhance uptime. Additionally, the detailed analysis that was conducted enabled the distilled spirits manufacturer to predict the downtime accurately and resolve manufacturing issues in real-time.

Quantzig’s manufacturing analytics solutions also empowered the client to:

  • Improve supply chain agility
  • Enhance customer retention rates by 2x
  • Streamline business operations across all product lines

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