How Market Intelligence Framework Helps a Telecom Major Identify Better Revenue Generation Opportunities?

Sep 29, 2022

Highlights of the Case Study: 

Particulars Description 
Client A global telecom service provider partnered with Quantzig to identify better revenue generation opportunities 
Business Challenge Our client partnered with Quantzig to enhance its market reach, improve customer value and capitalize on the untapped revenue generation opportunities 
Impact Quantzig’s competitive intelligence and advanced telecom analytics solutions helped in customer retention, revenue generation, customer acquisition, and gaining market share 

Game-Changing Solutions for the Telecom Service   

Telecom service providers around the globe are facing enormous challenges due to dropping retail sales, down to almost 40% in some cases, as consumers have reduced their spending. To offset these retail losses, telecom companies must examine their current business strategies and navigate through new market opportunities to meet the customer’s rising demand for new and innovative offerings.  

The data analytics solutions at Quantzig provide telcos with data-backed insights into recent technological advancements, existing gaps in the current offerings, changing market trends, and distinguished needs that can be accounted for by our innovative solutions. Quantzig’s AI and Big data-driven analytics solutions also foster innovation in the telecommunication industry, help differentiate their offerings from the competitors, and tackle unavoidable challenges in identifying better growth opportunities. 

The Challenges of the Client 

Our client is a telecom service provider with global operations in multiple countries, covering all the regions partnered with Quantzig to identify better market and revenue generation opportunities. The client provides mobile communications, fixed broadband, and information and communication technology services to corporate and business customers. 

The client’s data was scattered across numerous departments making it challenging to get insights into competitors’ marketing strategies and access the impact of its marketing strategies and overall industry trends. The client wanted to enhance its market reach, improve customer value, and capitalize on the untapped revenue generation opportunities. It required Quantzig’s data analytics and competitive intelligence solutions to achieve all these objectives. 

The client also wanted to leverage Quantzig’s advanced data analytics to build a customized taxonomy model to remain updated and gather insights into emerging technologies where telecom penetration would be required. 

Through Quantzig’s market intelligence framework solutions, the client wanted to identify patterns and trends faster than it’s competitors.

Quantzig’s Market Intelligence Framework for Telecom Companies  

Quantizig provided the client with a three-phase solution as listed below: 

Phase 1: Data Sourcing 

Quantzig’s integrated AI and statistical techniques gave relevant coverage to the client on the topics such as trending in customer groups, technology innovation, and among competitors. The information was mainly sourced from social media, such as youtube and Twitter, business information websites, press releases, and government telecom agencies, the areas where telecom services can be deployed. 

Phase 2: Customized Taxonomy Model 

A customized taxonomy model was built, which categorized and offered insights across various channels listed below, including competitors’ business activities. 

  • Business topics – broadband connections and set-up devices 
  • Emerging tech topics – fintech, edtech, tech start-up, and innovation 
  • Companies – telco operators and network partners 
  • Regions – Europe, APAC, and MEA 
  • Content type – Government press releases, new articles, competitor’s marketing strategies, etc. 

Phase 3: A dashboard  

We built a dashboard that gave the client a better view of the current and upcoming opportunities in the market by visualizing the updates on all the industry-related topics. The information about the competitor’s new subscription plans and their R&D activities, an overview of device operators, etc., was shown in graphs.  

Impact Analysis of Market Intelligence Framework Solutions in Telecom Services  

Quantzig’s competitive intelligence and advanced telecom analytics solutions helped the client identify trends and patterns and navigate through new market opportunities faster than its competitors. It allowed the client to unlock various benefits, such as assisting the client in getting the first mover advantage with every new service launch, 50 hours of monthly time saving, enhanced efficiency, and faster decision making. In addition, the partnership with Quantzig helped the client acquire new customers, retain their existing customers, gain market share, foster innovations, and enhance revenue generation. 

Key Outcomes 

Quantzig’s data analytics and market intelligence solutions helped the client explore new market opportunities and gain market share. With this partnership, the client could retain its number one position in customer retention, foster innovation, increase revenue generation, and help customer acquisition.  

Broad Perspective on Data Analytics and Market Intelligence in the Telecom Service 

Market Intelligence helps businesses transform raw and unstructured data into actionable insights that the organization can utilize to make strategic business decisions such as planning CAPEX, launching products, gaining insights on customer shifts, and much more. The importance of market and competitive intelligence in the telecommunication industry has grown more than ever with the constant growth in data as telecom players ventured into new launch services. 

Key Takeaways 

The client was able to achieve the following benefits with Quantzig’s data analytics and market intelligence solutions: 

  • Got the first mover advantage with every new service launch 
  • Saved 50 hours of time monthly 
  • Obtained 100% enhanced efficiency 
  • Achieved 3.5X faster decision making 
  • Fostered innovation 
  • Enabled better customer retention 

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