Marketing Analytics Solutions Helped a Food and Beverage Manufacturer to Improve Customer Engagement and Boost MROI by 37% – Quantzig’s Success Story

Aug 30, 2019

The client is a global food and beverage manufacturing company headquartered in Austria. The company is well-known for packaging and manufacturing daily consumable products in various packaging, wholesale and retail.

Most businesses tend to struggle when it comes to incorporating marketing analytics into their business operations due to the lack of basic market knowledge. Businesses gather a plethora of data that comprises sales data, customer data, and data obtained from marketing campaigns. But due to the lack of analytics expertise, they are unable to accurately analyze this pool of data and extract valuable insights from them to drive profitability.

There has been a major transformation in the way customers interact and engage with any brand today. This is the reason why companies in the food and beverage industry are looking at leveraging marketing analytics solutions to improve their marketing strategies and gain an edge over their competitors. Also, with integrated marketing analytics solutions, food and beverage manufacturing companies are looking to effectively gauge the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Business Challenge

The client, a leading food and beverage manufacturing company, was finding it difficult to capture structured and unstructured data and integrate it with their marketing strategies. Also, they wanted to align customer data with their business processes to analyze the entire customer journey and improve customer engagement and experience. Additionally, the client was not able to effectively track their marketing spend which made it difficult for them to evaluate their marketing efforts and measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. This is when they approached Quantzig to leverage its expertise in offering marketing analytics solutions to help them assess their marketing campaigns, improve customer engagement rates, and boost MROI.

Our portfolio of marketing analytics solutions helps businesses to gain accurate insights on the ROI of their marketing efforts and helps them measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Request a FREE proposal to gain exhaustive insights.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

To help the client analyze and tackle their core business challenges, a team of marketing analytics experts was deployed. Quantzig’s experts adopted a holistic approach that comprised three-phases, each of which played a crucial role in tackling the challenging faced by the client. Our analytics experts focused on developing precise solutions with a deep dive analysis of the client’s marketing campaigns.

 The first phase of this marketing analytics engagement focused on benchmarking key marketing channels to help the client identify the best marketing platforms that suit their business goals. In the second phase of this marketing analytics engagement, our experts concentrated their efforts in developing a customized analytics dashboard to integrate data from disparate sources such as marketing campaigns, social media platforms, and customer touchpoints. The solution offered helped the client to analyze the impact of their marketing campaigns and gain in-depth insights on improving their marketing strategies. Also, by leveraging Quantzig’s marketing analytics solutions, the client was able to improve customer engagement and boost MROI by 37%.

At Quantzig, we use statistical and analytical tools to quantify the impact of past marketing decisions and predict future sales impact through customized analytics dashboards. Request a FREE demo to know more.

Why Businesses Must Leverage Quantzig’s Marketing Analytics Solutions?

Quantzig’s marketing analytics solutions help businesses to identify opportunities and inefficiencies in their marketing activities and drive higher conversions with valuable insights. Also, by leveraging our marketing analytics solutions companies can reduce maverick spend on marketing campaigns, identify irrelevant marketing channels, generate more qualified leads, and improve the efficiency of the overall sales. With our marketing analytics solutions, we help companies to integrate data across all marketing channels and consolidate it into a common marketing view that provides invaluable assistance in driving marketing efforts forward.

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