What the Client Wanted

The food and beverage industry client wanted to develop a sound marketing strategy for different customer segments based on the consumption pattern and demands.

The Outcome

With the help of Quantzig’s marketing analytics solution, the food engineering company was able to personalize customer and marketing engagements. It also helped the client to gain a comprehensive view of their customers across channels.

Summary of the Food and Beverage Industry

Operating in today’s uber-global and dynamic business environment is extremely challenging for well-established firms and is forcing leading players in the food and beverage industry to develop targeted marketing strategies. The ongoing seismic shift is expected to further transform the way businesses function. 

However, it is expected that several internal and external pressures across the global value chain will continue to challenge food and beverage industry firms to enhance operational efficiency, resilience, and performance. Arguably, organizations that are well-equipped to respond proactively will succeed in reducing costs. Also, beyond the near-term profits, food and beverage industry firms that go beyond the competition will be able to position themselves for long-term sustainability, success, and brand recognition.

Industry Challenges

  • Automation: As with other industries, the global food and beverage industry has witnessed several benefits owing to the automation of different manufacturing processes. However, the inclusion of robotics and automation of business processes creates several challenges for players in this segment.
  • Regulatory compliance: For food and beverage firms that operate globally, achieving regulatory compliance may seem to be a daunting task. Food and beverage industry players should, therefore, ensure that they obtain a complete overview of all regulatory requirements.

About the Client

A major food engineering company.

Client’s Challenge

To personalize customer engagement and offer enhanced services, the client – a leading player in the food and beverage industry – approached Quantzig to leverage marketing analytics. The client was finding it difficult to identify the best way to improve customer experience. Also, the client was looking at delivering maximum value at each customer touch point by mapping analytics to specific stages in the customer’s journey.

Summary of our marketing analytics engagement

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Business Impact

With the help of Quantzig’s marketing analytics solution, the food engineering client was able to predict customer behavior and develop marketing strategies that were aimed at their preferences. Marketing analytics also enabled the client to extract the right information from the collected data, which, in turn, helped in generating valuable insights. Additionally, it helped them in creating unique customer experiences, which reduced the disparity in the customer’s mind regarding brand choices.

Marketing Analytics Solution Insights

Quantzig’s marketing analytics solution helps players in the food and beverage industry to devise targeted marketing campaigns for different customer segments based on their consumption pattern. Also, marketing analytics helps anticipate customer behavior, as the solutions are obtained using statistical methods and data mining tools that enable organizations to devise predictive models using a combination of variables.


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