What the Client Wanted

Enhance efficiency and reduce the wastage of marketing dollars.

The Outcome

With the help of Quantzig’s marketing analytics solution, the client measured, analyzed, and managed marketing performance to optimize ROI. The continuous monitoring of marketing campaigns and their respective outcomes also enabled the client to spend each marketing dollar as efficiently as possible.

Summary of the Global Telecom Industry

The telecom industry has always processed large volumes of data related to operations, customers, and transactions. Over the years, leading telecom service providers have implemented numerous techniques to process these data sets which includes – data mining, statistical analysis, and knowledge management among others. On an average, telecom service providers generate billions of records on a daily basis, and it requires continuous monitoring and analysis in real-time or near real-time to generate maximum benefits.

Industry Challenges

  • Competition from peers: Telecom service providers must ensure they gain a competitive advantage by offering enhanced services to their customers and by building a brand known for innovation. They can use analytics tools to understand customer preferences and build suitable applications that address the needs. In this way, telecom service providers are challenged to enhance efficiency and improve uptime.
  • Leveraging infrastructure to meet the growing demands: It is essential to leverage the correct infrastructure to maintain optimum functionality. Telecom service providers will have to develop innovative approaches to address the growing data needs of their customers.

About the Client

A telecom service provider, headquartered in the US with over 6000 employees.

Client’s Challenge

To improve sales effectiveness and minimize wastage of marketing dollars – the client, a market leader in the telecom industry – approached Quantzig to engage in a marketing analytics study. The telecom service provider was facing challenges in measuring and monetizing their marketing campaigns by optimizing their marketing-mix strategies, enhancing sales-force effectiveness, optimizing promotions and positioning, measuring marketing ROI while augmenting their marketing spends, improving customer experience, and maximizing overall profitability.

Engagement Summary

Business Impact

With the help of Quantzig’s marketing analytics solution, the telecom service provider was able to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. The recommendations offered assisted the client in influencing their customers to upgrade services. The engagement also focused on the effective management of marketing investments and driving the value of every marketing dollar.

Marketing Analytics Solution Insights

Quantzig’s marketing analytics solutions help firms in the global telecom industry to drive maximum value from the company’s datasets. It includes data obtained from disparate sources- demographical and psycho-graphical information, transactional data, and website usage. Analyzing these datasets can assist telecom service providers in improving the ROI of their marketing campaigns by increasing their effectiveness.


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