Marketing Mix Strategy Development for a Leading Electronic Parts Supplier

Aug 29, 2018

Client’s Background

The client is a leading supplier of electronic parts with several distributions hubs spread across the globe.

Client’s Challenge

The client, who is well-known for supplying electronic parts for different industries purposes, wanted to develop a precise marketing strategy to ensure business growth and expansion. The client’s marketing mix strategy proved to be obsolete in today’s rapidly transforming marketplace. Hence, they wanted to balance out the use of the essential marketing elements and devise an effective strategy that meets the needs of the customer while maximizing business value. Hence, they approached the experts at Quantzig to help them develop a precise marketing strategy.

Business Impact

It is well-known that an effective marketing mix strategy impacts business growth and brand development and this exactly how our client benefitted from our solutions. With the help of the recommended marketing mix strategy, the electronic parts supplier was able to enhance their brand image and popularity across economies. Also, the changes incorporated into their marketing mix helped them keep track of the key marketing mix elements while accentuating the need for businesses to evolve over time to maintain its competitiveness.

Future of Electronic Parts Market

The global electronic parts market is being actively pursued by a substantial number of key players globally. The development of new manufacturing techniques and other processes are expected to impact business growth for players in this sector.  While such innovations have brought in massive changes within the industry, individual businesses may still lag as far as innovations are considered. However, by identifying the key marketing mix elements and by devising the right marketing strategy organizations can prevent the worst crisis and stay ahead of the game.

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