Developing a Marketing Mix Strategy to Enhance Market Reach for a Leading Infused Water Manufacturing Firm

Oct 4, 2018

The Marketing Mix Elements in a Marketing Mix Strategy

Marketing elements are a set of tactical, controllable marketing tools used across organizations to produce the desired response from its target market. It forms the basis of a marketing plan and helps a company to influence the demand for its products and services. The four Ps of a successful marketing mix strategy are Product, Place, Price, and Promotion.

The four Ps are also the key marketing mix elements that play a crucial role in improving marketing effectiveness. A marketing mix strategy is a marketing plan designed to meet an organization’s marketing goals by leveraging the value offered delivered to its customers. The marketing mix elements that form a marketing mix strategy are interrelated and when combined they aid in establishing a product’s position within the target market. As a result, a detailed assessment of the roles of your product, price, promotion, and place plays a vital role in your overall marketing approach.

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The mix forms the basis for determining the marketing strategy that suits your business goals. In fact, it is the first step to the creation of an effective marketing plan. One may wonder what makes it essential? The reason is that your marketing decisions have an impact on your positioning, targeting, and segmentation decisions.

Client Profile

The client is one of the leading infused water manufacturing firms located in the US.

Project Background and Solution Offered

A multitude of factors determines the success of a marketing strategy including key marketing mix elements such as product, place, and price. This makes it essential to identify the key marketing elements and develop a precise marketing strategy to distinguish oneself in a complex market.

The infused water manufacturer was facing immense competition from industry peers and adding to its woes was the fact that their marketing campaigns generated a negative ROI. To gain a deep understanding of the multiple drivers of profits and sales the infused water manufacturer approached Quantzig. Their main aim was to leverage our analytic expertise in identifying the key marketing mix elements that form the basis for developing successful marketing campaigns.

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Value Delivered to the Client

The solutions and recommendations offered by our marketing analytics experts empowered the infused water manufacturing firm to understand the impact of market mix elements on customer satisfaction. The client also succeeded in achieving the desired results by implementing the key marketing mix elements. Within a few months after the implementation of the marketing strategy, the client was able to able to witness a positive ROI.

Additionally, with the help of Quantzig’s marketing mix solutions, the infused water manufacturer was able to gain detailed insights into their customer’s behavioral patterns which enabled them to promote their brand effectively.

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