Marketing Mix Modeling helped an Online Streaming Services Provider Increase in MROI by 14%

Jun 4, 2021

Engagement Summary

Marketing mix modeling quantifies the impact an organization’s marketing efforts on sales and forecasts the impact of future marketing efforts. This strategy helps in ascertaining the effectiveness of marketing input in terms of ROI.

In this success story, an online streaming services provider based out of the UK, collaborated with Quantzig to optimize their marketing campaigns, increase MROI, and improve customer experience.

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The Client

The client is a subscription-based streaming services provider headquartered in London, with presence across 100+ countries.

Business Challenge

Identifying the right marketing platform and deriving the best marketing communication strategy to target customers is crucial for the media industry to gain a competitive advantage. This client lacked an advanced marketing mix modeling strategy that could help them target the right consumers, keep up with the dynamically changing media market space, connect emotionally with their customers, and improve customer satisfaction. The client wanted Quantzig’s help in devising an analytics-driven marketing mix modeling strategy that will provide them comprehensive yet in-depth and actionable insights into their marketing efforts. Thus, the client wanted to leverage marketing mix elements to devise an effective marketing mix strategy to improve profit margins. The client was also facing issues with low customer satisfaction levels.

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Solution Provided

Quantzig’s team of data scientists and marketing analytics experts designed an innovative three-phase approach to marketing mix modeling to tackle the challenges faced by the client. Quantzig’s marketing mix strategy was based on machine learning techniques and advanced algorithms focused primarily on bridging data gaps.

  • In Phase 1 of this collaboration, our experts focused on identifying gaps in data. They also estimated individual channel spend at a granular level.
  • After gaining proper domain knowledge, in the second phase of the collaboration, Quantzig’s experts started to derive an analytics-driven marketing strategy to reduce marketing expenditure and improve MROI.
  • In the final phase of this collaboration, the client was provided with actionable insights to cope with the dynamically changing media market space. Further, Quantzig’s marketing analytics team helped the client devise an effective marketing mix strategy that could help them meet customer demand and improve customer satisfaction levels.

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Business Impact

With actionable market insights, the client determined the investment slabs for their market segments and adopted an analytics-driven marketing mix modeling strategy to improve their brand value across the global media market space. The principal business outcomes of this marketing mix collaboration were-

  1. The fall in unnecessary marketing spends and increase in the impact of the new marketing strategy on sales led to an increase in MROI by 14% within a span of three months
  2. Increase in profit margins by 8%
  3. Reduction in customer attrition rates by 4.7%

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