How Marketing Mix Optimization Helped a European Automotive Company to Increase Sales by 35% | A Case Study by Quantzig

Jul 25, 2019


Quantzig’s marketing mix optimization solutions helped a leading automotive company to streamline their marketing campaigns by assessing the different elements of the marketing mix. Devising a robust marketing mix optimization strategy also helped them target the right customers and generate incremental revenue of $5 million while improving sales by 35%.


Calculating the impact of marketing campaigns used to attract customers has always been one of the most common challenges faced by automotive companies. The fact that no direct link exists between marketing investments and the revenue achieved from marketing campaigns is only part of the problem. To tackle this challenge, automotive industry players must leverage advanced marketing analytics solutions and focus on developing a robust marketing mix optimization strategy, so they can react almost in real-time to how their marketing campaigns are performing.

Did you know? Marketing mix optimization is an analytical approach that can help you analyze the performance of marketing campaigns and determine factors that positively impact your customers. 

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About the Client[spacer height=”10px”]

The client is a leading player in the European automotive industry who wanted to streamline their marketing campaigns to identify and target the right customers through the right channels.

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Business Challenge[spacer height=”10px”]

Prior to collaborating with Quantzig, the client leveraged demographic customer information to create targeted campaigns without taking into account their past buying patterns. As a result, the effectiveness of their sales campaigns was limited.

The client’s business goals were to streamline marketing campaigns by analyzing their effectiveness using a robust marketing mix optimization strategy. The client also wanted to analyze whether marketing mix optimization solutions would help them identify the right marketing mix to drive better results when compared to simple, rule-based targeting for their marketing campaigns.

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Solution Offered and Value Delivered[spacer height=”10px”]

Quantzig’s Marketing Mix Optimization (MMO) solution delivered timely, actionable insights that the client needed to assess the impact of its marketing campaigns. Adopting an analytical approach to gauge the elements of the marketing mix also helped them devise a robust strategy that streamlined all marketing campaigns. We also uncovered fact-based insights to create business strategies, drive business growth, and deliver breakthrough communications.

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Marketing Mix Optimization: Business Outcome[spacer height=”20px”]

Our marketing analytics experts worked closely with the client’s team and enabled them to run marketing campaigns focused on targeting customers through predictive models. With advanced marketing mix optimization solutions, the client was able to improve sales by 35%, driven in large parts through the launch of targeted campaigns.


 Our marketing mix optimization solution also enabled the client to-

  • Improve campaign effectiveness by 65% by optimizing marketing communications across all channels
  • Accurately forecast the impact of media, price, and exogenous variables on sales
  • Create tailored customer experience to maximize MROI[spacer height=”10px”]

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