Analyzing the Impact of Marketing Mix Elements on Brand Loyalty – A Case Study on the Outdoor Advertising Market

Sep 14, 2018

Marketing Mix Strategy

Marketing mix is the fundamental tool for developing the right marketing mix model and its implementation through effective strategies. It comprises of four fundamental factors that make a perfect marketing mix strategy. As we are well aware, the four elements include Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. Each of these factors plays a crucial role in the success of a brand, which means getting them right is essential to make your marketing mix strategy win. Market players must focus on each aspect of their marketing mix strategy to get the desired results from their marketing campaigns.

As with any other business, the end objective of a marketing strategy would generally revolve around revenue and business growth. While a myriad of factors plays a key role in enhancing business growth and boosting revenue, it ultimately boils down to the implementation of a robust marketing mix strategy. However, if done right, the benefits are enormous, and it will tangibly impact your business operations by:

  • Acting as a valuable guide for resource allocation
  • Improving the return on ad spend
  • Focusing your marketing message

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Client Profile

The client is a leading outdoor advertising agency. The client’s proven expertise in the field of digital outdoor advertising has helped them gain a secure position in the global market.

Project Background and Solution Offered

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, retaining customers and managing loyalty is considered crucial for business success. A leading outdoor advertising agency based in APAC was on the lookout for an effective method to achieve the perfect balance by fulfilling customer needs and business objectives. This incited them to consult our marketing analytics experts for recommendations and suggestions. A detailed study of the market data through the use of advanced analytical methods helped in revealing the positive impact of distribution channels, product elements, and promotional activities on brand loyalty.

Value Delivered to the Client

The main purpose of this marketing analytics study was to analyze the impact of marketing mix elements on business growth. In an effort to do so, we adopted a comprehensive approach that helped them develop a marketing mix strategy to achieve the desired results. The experts at Quantzig and the outdoor advertising agency joined forces to achieve the perfect balance of their marketing elements; thereby, securing a leading market position.

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