Salesforce Analytics for a Urology Devices Supplier Helps Connect with Dealers Across the Globe

Aug 30, 2017

The medical device industry is fiercely competitive owing to the presence of competitors looking to drive profitable growth, share, and competitive advantage over their counterparts. The rapidly changing market space is compelling leading brands and companies to stay ahead of the competition and optimize their sales model through the right channel to target more profitable segments. Leading organizations are actively implementing salesforce analytics to shift from silo-based planning to develop robust marketing plans to gain incremental benefits. In the medical device industry, implementing salesforce analytics helps manufacturers respond effectively to pressures from customers and competitors while maintaining greater visibility and control over the salesforce. Also, manufacturers can leverage the use of analytics to classify and target customers, their attributes, in turn, promising better ROI.

Quantzig’s salesforce analytics solution assists the client to target the potential dealers that are promoting urological devices across the globe. The client will be further able to segment the dealers based on their offerings and marketing strategies to attract new customer segments. Moreover, the salesforce analytics solution also helps the client identify the niche segments and devise effective strategies to effectively position their products.

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The Business Challenge

The medical devices landscape is sophisticated with companies offering a multitude of products. Like all other suppliers in the medical equipment space, a leading urology devices supplier was facing predicaments in connecting with dealers in the medical device industry. The client wanted to maintain a robust relationship with dealers to enhance their sales and product offerings in the urology devices market space. The client further wanted to understand the current demand for their products and maintain dealership with top dealers in the medical device industry to improve their product offerings.

The primary objective of the engagement was to leverage the use of salesforce analytics to understand the potential dealers in the medical devices marketplace. The client also wanted to assess the sales patterns of dealers and make informed business decisions.

Our Approach

To connect with the potential dealers in the medical device industry, the client approached Quantzig’s team of salesforce analytics experts. Quantzig’s team of experts carried out a blended approach comprising of interviews and discussions with physicians and customers in the urology devices market. Also, our experts created a dashboard comprising information from a variety of proprietary sources to identify the potential dealers in the urology devices market.

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Salesforce Analytics Solutions Benefits for the Medical Device Industry

  • Allocate the right representatives, target the right customers, and design the right territories
  • Bolster sales-performance, sell products, and drive revenue
  • Efficiently identify and meet the unique needs of the customers
  • Understand customer segments and effectively manage them over time
  • Optimize the distribution of sales resources by units and geography

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Salesforce Analytics Predictive Insights in the Medical Device Industry

  • Comprehensively analyze and manage sales performance
  • Identify the root causes for performance challenges
  • Benchmark performance across geographical regions and project future performance
  • Deduce modifications for optimizations
  • Minimize the allocation of resources and ensure better ROI

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