Big Data Analytics Helps a Leading Medical Imaging Client Revamp the Current Healthcare Architecture

Nov 13, 2017

Industry Overview

Globally, leading organizations in the healthcare industry are witnessing relentless pressure to offer affordable healthcare solutions to improve the life expectancy of the people. Furthermore, the recent increase in the demand for robust healthcare products and services to go on par with the ailing population is compelling organizations to include innovations in healthcare. Also, the recent shift toward a patient-centric environment is necessitating the need for diagnostic procedures such as medical imaging in the healthcare space. To keep track of the heterogeneous medical data and to derive better insights into patient care, renowned medical imaging companies are leveraging big data analytics platforms. Big data analytics helps medical imaging companies gain data-driven insights into their clinical and operational processes. Moreover, with the help of big data analytics, leading medical imaging companies can gain better visibility into their performance, improve customer satisfaction rates, and ultimately lower patient care costs.

To effectively monitor healthcare records and improve data governance, renowned businesses in the medical imaging space are approaching companies like Quantzig. With years of expertise in offering a plethora of services, Quantzig’s big data analytics solution helps organizations in the medical imaging space manipulate and manage large data sets and improve healthcare outcomes while reducing costs.

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The Business Challenge

A leading medical imaging client with a considerable number of service offerings spread across the globe was facing certain predicaments accurately monitoring their data sets and improving the quality of their healthcare data. The medical imaging client wanted to seek ways to improve medical and healthcare functions in terms of disease surveillance and population health management with the help of better patient data. With the help of big data analytics, the medical imaging firm wanted to assess the unstructured data sets to gain insights that would help them to make informed decisions. Furthermore, the client wanted to analyze patient characteristics and provide the most effective treatment for their patients.

Big Data Analytics Solution Impact

With the help of big data analytics, the medical imaging firm was able to examine varied data sets in patient healthcare. Moreover, the medical imaging client was able to tap potential market trends and customer preferences and make further informed business decisions. The engagement also assisted the client in analyzing the potentialities of the market in terms of the opportunities, customer service, and further improved operational efficiency. The engagement also helped the client identify more effective ways of promoting businesses and curtail additional costs associated with storing data.

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Big Data Analytics Predictive Insights

  • Analyzed new sources of data and made agile and better decisions
  • Effectively gauged customer needs and created new products to meet the customer requirements
  • Get timely insights into healthcare and uncover new growth opportunities
  • Effectively manage patient records, health plans, and insurance information
  • Provided diagnoses and treatment options within a very short time

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