Salesforce Effectiveness Study for a Medical Implants Manufacturer

Sep 6, 2017

In the medical implants market space, sales force is one of the most effective channels to directly engage with patients and devise effective sales strategy to capture specific growth opportunities. A recent survey states that the sales force contributes to about 10% of the overall revenue in any organization. In this fiercely competitive environment, it is imperative to understand customers and deliver superior customer experience. In the medical implants manufacturing space, salesforce effectiveness promises longer face time with patients while delivering a significant increase in sales performance.

In the medical implants industry, salespeople act on the front lines to solve the problems associated with patient treatments. Leading organizations in the medical implants manufacturing landscape are devising salesforce effectiveness to effectively respond to pressures from customers and competitors by developing robust customer solutions and proposals. With years of expertise in offering effective salesforce effectiveness solutions, Quantzig’s team of salesforce analytics experts help clients by carrying out specific tasks in terms of targeting, prioritizing, and assessing customer needs to increase the market share for the client.

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The Business Challenge

With the rising need for better health care services, the medical implants manufacturers have started innovating in their product lines to offer better products to their end-users. Since most companies in this market space have difficulties bridging the demand-supply gap for medical implants, a leading manufacturer approached Quantzig to understand the effectiveness of their sales force. The medical implants manufacturer was also witnessing an increase in their churn rates and wanted to understand the key reason behind this increase.

Salesforce Effectiveness Benefits

After a comprehensive analysis, the client was able to boost sales productivity and deliver robust sales performance. The client was able to create a top-notch salesforce capable of improving customer engagement and sales process. Also, the engagement helped the client respond to pressure from customers, competitors, and the changing economy. The client was able to develop competencies according to the current market trends, thereby effectively targeting physician needs. Effectively devising salesforce effectiveness helped the client promote coaching, feedback, recognition, and training to the team.

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Salesforce Effectiveness Predictive Insights

  • Rapidly develop and evolve new sales models
  • Benchmark performance across different geographical regions and project future performance
  • Minimize the allocation of resources and ensure better returns on investment
  • Deliver value-added customer experience
  • Devise a robust customer-centric approach to target potential customers

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