How Merchandising Analytics Helped a Wine and Spirits Manufacturer to Analyze Product Demand Across Segments

Dec 30, 2019

About the Client

The client is a multinational wine and spirits manufacturing company based out of North America with business units spread globally to ease the delivery of quality products to its customers.

Business Challenge

With a global reach, the client had built a unique brand portfolio in every region and segment that they operate. However, with one of the most comprehensive portfolios in the wine and spirits sector, they found it challenging to enhance market share through better visibility of products across segments. To do so, they chose to collaborate with Quantzig to leverage its planning and merchandising analytics solutions to understand the demand for various products and forecast the right quantity of inventory needed to serve their customers.

Some of the major pain points that prompted the client to leverage analytics solutions included:

  • Shortcomings associated with the use of traditional, manual tracking systems to fetch data
  • Lack of real-time dashboards 

In order to enhance brand visibility and manage a quick developing portfolio, the client required a method to execute a complex branding strategy and an array of planning and merchandising analytics solutions to enhance the integrity of their brand while monitoring the inventory and collateral placed at different outlets.

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Solution Offered

Based on a real-time data analysis, our merchandising analytics experts helped the client solve the above issues and generate detailed brand audit reports to drive decision-making. After thoroughly analyzing and studying the client’s problems and business goals, we adopted a comprehensive three-pronged approach that focused on the use of advanced planning and merchandising analytics solutions to tackle their challenges.

Phase 1: Inventory Allocation

The use of advanced planning and merchandising analytics solutions enabled the client to accurately forecast SKUs with high demand and reduce inventory costs.

Phase 2: Merchandising Optimization

Real-time merchandising analytics solutions helped the client to improve in-store sales by flagging product voids and prompting store managers to replenish SKUs without any delay.

Phase 3: Inventory Replenishment

Our merchandising analytics solutions also helped them to convert demand forecasts to inventory orders with high accuracy and less delay.

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Merchandising analytics provided a holistic solution to the client through the deployment of a complex branding strategy that focused on merchandising optimization and SKU replenishment. Adopting a complex three-step approach helped them tactically approach issues plaguing growth and save millions using customized merchandising analytics models.

Quantzig’s advanced merchandising analytics solutions empowered the client with the following business-critical and value-generating outcomes:

  • Identified the demand for different SKUs
  • Eliminated stock-outs and reduced inventory costs
  • Grouped products based on sales velocity and demand
  • Gained a 360-degree view of its brand footprint[spacer height=”10px”]

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