Network Optimization Reduces Service Delays and Improves Customer Satisfaction for a Transport Company

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge

Creating optimized transport network and improved customer service delivery.

A leading transport and logistics company wanted to optimize its transportation network to reduce customer dissatisfaction and improve customer experience.

Situation: Service failures causing customer dissatisfaction.

The client was facing persistent rise in customer dissatisfaction from its cargo delivery services. The client wanted complete network analysis to identify the cause of service failures and understand customer dissatisfaction patterns across various routes and channels, in order to create robust plan to eliminate all service issues and solve customer grievances.

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Network optimization, channel management and customer analytics.

We consolidated all of the company’s distribution and logistics data and utilized network analytics for determining the best node and hub model and transportation planning. We also mapped customer complaints across various routes to identify the service delay as the major reason, and used channel optimization analytics and customer analytics for efficient service delivery.

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Reduced service delay and improved customer satisfaction.

The client used our network model for efficient transportation planning which eliminated service delays. The client also utilized our insights to modify its customer care service such that the customers were easily able to contact the front desk customer executives in case of delays, who offered first-hand information on the status of delivery and delay resolution, thereby reducing customer dissatisfaction.

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