How Did a Telecom Service Provider Prioritize Expansion Opportunities with Network Optimization Techniques?

Sep 2, 2022

Highlights of the Case Study 

Particulars Description 
Client A telecom giant based in Ireland, Europe, wanted to leverage big data analytics solutions to develop predictive capacity models and investment and expansion strategies. 
Business Challenge The client partnered with Quantzig to use its network congestion forecasting techniques to automatically predict the 5G congestion to find highly congested areas where network expansion will yield maximum return on investment. 
Impact Quantzig’s big data analytics powered network optimization techniques identified the critical congestion areas to achieve its expansion goals, increase ROI, and improve subscriber satisfaction. 

Game-Changing Solutions for the Telecom Industry 

Network congestion is an expansive problem in the telecom sector as it interferes with the users’ experience by reducing the quality of service (QoS) for subscribers. Telecom companies identify congestion across the networks not only to highlight QoS issues but also to navigate through expansion opportunities. However, most of this identification relies on the guesswork of experienced network operators and not on automation techniques. Therefore, telcos, with large volumes of data and complex networks, are a potential target for advanced big data analytical solutions.  

Quantzig combines domain expertise with predictive analytics solutions and network optimization techniques. This enables businesses to efficiently optimize data flow through the networks, enhance user experience, and understand expansion opportunities by finding the threshold breaches in cellular networks.  

The Challenges of the Telecom Client 

A telecom giant based in Ireland, Europe wanted to develop predictive capacity models to efficiently manage and monitor network capacity and use it for network investment and expansion strategies.  

The client used to determine congestion across networks using cell-driven key performance indicators (KPIs) with determined thresholds. The client could determine the network congested areas in breach of these thresholds. Quantzig’s domain experts were presented with two challenges:  

  • To predict these KPIs in their network for all the cells across Ireland  
  • Rank these cells from the least to the most congested by combining the congestion from all 4 KPIs  

The client partnered with Quantzig to use its network congestion forecasting techniques to automatically predict the 5G congestion and find highly congested areas where network expansion will yield maximum return on investment (ROI).  

Quantzig’s network optimization techniques are not only focused on predicting, rather it also helps our clients yield he maximum return on investments.

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Quantzig’s Big Data Analytics – Network Optimization Techniques 

Quantzig determined the highly congested areas where network usage neared or had already crossed its predefined capacity thresholds. Based on these real-time analytics, our client could prioritize expansion for rolling out additional capacity. We also developed predictive capacity forecasting models that identified congestion for 4G networks and predicted congestion for the client’s other new KPIs and 5G networks. Once we identified the threshold breaches across thousands of cell network usages, our team combined these breaches across all KPIs in a way that can be ranked into low congestion, medium congestion, and high congestion fields. Thus, we enabled our client to capitalize on the expansion opportunities successfully.  

Impact Analysis of Big Data Analytics-Powered Network Optimization Techniques  

Quantzig’s big data analytics-powered network optimization techniques identified the critical congestions areas and helped the client reach the following numbers:  


  • 5X more extensive network than before with the same team size   
  • 60% higher site acceptance rate  

Return on Investment  

  • 15% cutback in unplanned carrier extensions  
  • 10% increase in subscriber throughput during rush hours  
  • 36% reduction in network cells with poor efficiency  

Subscriber Satisfaction  

  • 80% reduction in user complaints  
  • 30% increase in deployment capacity                     
Network Optimization Techniques

Key Outcomes 

Quantzig leveraged its big data analytics solutions to support the client’s expansion plans by identifying areas of congestion in real-time. Our data-backed insights enabled the client to invest in expansion in areas with substantial need. This ensured a higher ROI compared to other places where the congestion was medium to low. In addition, our intervention provided the client with clear visibility of areas with frequent issues. Thus, the client could proactively address the technical issues and provide better services to its subscribers. This would go a long way in improving customer satisfaction and enable the client to garner consumer goodwill and word-of-mouth promotions, which are the cornerstones to winning future businesses.  

Broad Perspective on the Role of Big Data Analytics in the Telecom Sector 

In the telecom industry, the competition is about bandwidth, service efficiency, network capacity, and customer satisfaction. Big data analytics solutions can help identify new opportunities for expansion in each area by providing unprecedented and comprehensive visibility into business processes. Therefore, telcos with large volumes of data can benefit immensely from advanced analytical solutions offered by Quantzig.  

Key Takeaways 

Quantzig’s network optimization techniques helped the client unlock the following benefits: 

  • Leveraged expansion opportunities to grow by 5X 
  • Improved network connectivity by identifying areas with poor efficiency 
  • Resolved customer issues by 80% 
  • Increased deployment capacity by 30% 
  • Reduced unplanned carrier extensions by 15% 

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