Non-alcoholic Beverages Brand Improves Social Media Marketing ROI Using Multiple Regression Analytics

Sep 22, 2016

Business Challenge

Tracking and improving marketing ROI on social media spend.

A leading non-alcoholic beverages manufacturer wanted to develop a mechanism to track and evaluate its social media marketing efforts.

Situation: Development of performance tracking parameters to quantify outcomes of the social media marketing efforts.

The client wanted to improve its advertisement investment in social media by evaluating and measuring parameters such as click ratio, impressions, user reachability, and conversion rate.

Our multiple regression analytics solutions use many techniques for modeling and analyzing variables, contact an expert to gain detailed insights.


Multiple regression analytics for development of robust statistical models.

We identified critical performance parameters and used multiple regressions to assess relative weightage of each of the significant factors and deployed robust statistical models to derive a mathematical representation of the set of correlated variables.

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Improved social media marketing ROI.

The client was able to increase revenue by designing of efficient advertising strategy for targeting the right social media sites and restructuring its advertisement spend strategies.

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