Oncology Drugs Manufacturer Improves the Positioning of Marketing Messages to the Right Target Audience Through Data Modeling

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge

Data modeling for a cancer drugs. A leading client in the pharmaceutical industry with a strong presence in the oncology therapeutic area wanted to conduct a data model for cancer drugs.

Situation: Data modeling for cancer drug and improving visibility of target physicians.

The client in the pharmaceutical industry wanted to conduct a data modeling exercise for lung cancer product and have a visibility of target physicians based on prescribing behavior and their affiliations with larger institutions.

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Multiple model based analytics and creation of affiliation system.

We divided the project into different phases; therapeutics market, affiliation, and prescribing behavior and segmentation; and utilized multiple models for analysis. We gathered data for target physicians and created an affiliation system using primary and secondary data, which was integrated with prescribing behavior and payer influence, and charge-back data.

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Improved visibility into market dynamics.

The client in the pharmaceutical industry achieved visibility into market dynamics, oncology prescribing behavior, and physician institution affiliation. This was used for determining the robust methodology for better data modeling and future periodic updates. We helped the client in realigning marketing initiatives to position the right messaging to the right audience.

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