Order and Shipment Management Analytics Improves Order Delivery Rate by 90% for a Logistics Services Provider

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge

Reducing customer churn.

A logistics services provider wanted to improve its order management process, to improve the accuracy of order delivery and reduce customer churn.

Situation: Lack of efficient order management causing customer churn.

The client was receiving a lot of complaints from customers regarding wrong order delivery, delay in order delivery and lost shipments. Lack of proper order management was slowly eroding away the client’s most loyal customer base. To overcome this, the client wanted to identify and eliminate problems in its order and shipments management.

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Order management analytics, root cause analytics, and predictive modeling to build an efficient order management solution.

We used order management analytics on the client’s enterprise data to integrate information specific to orders booked, invoice, backlogged, and their current status, mapping them against warehousing, transit and docking information. We made use of this data for conducting root cause analysis to determine and predict all issues.

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Improved customer satisfaction and 90% order management accuracy.

The client used our insights for efficient tracking and monitoring of each order, clearing backlogs throughout the logistics cycle, and ensuring that the correct order reached the correct customer at the right time. The client was able to achieve 90% accuracy in its order management and improve customer satisfaction.

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